Smart Air Filtration Options for Your House Now



Did you know that you spend an average of 90% of your time indoors? If we are concerned about the quality of the air we breathe outside, it is as important to care about the air quality and humidity in the house as it is to be concerned with the outdoor weather. The quality of the air in the home can indeed have a significant impact on health. The good news is that there are very accessible ways to detect air quality, humidity or mold problems to better prevent them. From controlling the indoor humidity level to filtering the air, discover a few simple steps to ensure you live in healthier air at home.

In order to minimize the emission of VOCs and toxic substances in the indoor air, it would be best to look for labeled materials. In addition, you can also favor natural materials, as charming as they are resistant and which have no negative impact on health. For example, opt for lime, wood and natural fibers. Also, limit as much as possible the use of scented candles or incense that modify the ambient air. Finally, do not hesitate to install plants in your home, in order to clean the air naturally. Using the air conditioner is the perfect option to improve indoor air quality. In that case you can follow the below mentioned details:

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Exit chemicals

Window cleaners, scalers, air fresheners,household products and all other types of cleaners should be banned from the atmosphere. Indeed, they systematically release polluting molecules and emit chemicals into the air. Prefer products made from natural components that you can check on the labeling at the time of purchase. On the other hand, you can favor typically natural products such as white vinegar and black soap for their qualities in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Aeration and ventilation, the solutions at hand

Good air quality is mainly based on the ventilation of all rooms. However, avoid leaving your windows constantly open if you live by the side of the road to prevent outdoor pollutants from entering your home. However, bathrooms and kitchens must be ventilated at all times to avoid condensation and the presence of moisture. We must not forget that molds remain formidable enemies if we want to stay healthy. If you lack ventilation, do not ignore the installation of ventilation systems. You can bet on mechanical ventilation, the location of which will be carefully chosen for guaranteed results. For example, opt for controlled mechanical ventilation in humid rooms and mechanical insufflation ventilation in living rooms.

The air purifier: your ally to fight pollution

As the name suggests, the air purifier purifies the air and makes it more breathable. You can install multiple purifiers at the same time, making sure to choose strategic locations. Like air fresheners, they will be your best allies in fighting volatile organic compounds, as well as allergens that roam the air. On the other hand, they also serve to renew the air and eliminate bad odors, rather than using chemical perfumes. The other alternative, and not least, would also be to use an air dehumidifier in the bathrooms to effectively reduce the humidity level and ensure that it is constant.