Some Tips for Buying a Washing Machine

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It can be tedious to choose the right washing machine unit to buy. It’s hard to figure out the differences between two models. You also have to consider the prices and the fact that it’s going to stay with you for years. That is why it is important for you to equip yourself with accurate information before you buy washing machines at The Good Guys.  

Don’t always go for the newest model

It’s always the instinct of consumers to choose the most recent model of washing machines. However, you must know that they don’t necessarily have the newest technology. Models are often sold for three to five years and the prices drop as the years pass. This goes to show that older models have the same features as the newer ones. They also meet the same federal standards when it comes to water and energy efficiency. The trick is to look for them in the retailer shops. Most often the newest and more expensive models are displayed upfront while the older ones are placed in not so conspicuous areas.

Don’t be fooled by really low prices

You can save about $100 to $150 or more, and you’ll be able to find options and units that have better overall performance. If you can stretch your budget to $700, you can get a front loader that can provide you top-level cleaning. A lot of the top-performing washing machines are front-loader type. They are also the most expensive with some models surpassing $1,000. However as the years passed, manufacturers produced models that have competitive prices when compared with front loaders.

Don’t take the exclusivity bait

A retailer may promote a washing machine as an exclusive deal, but no manufacturer would produce a washing machine unit only for one retailer. The retailer does some minor tweaks such as a cycle or two. The manufacturer and retailer have the final say on the prices of these washing machines. You will often see these units on sale. For you to get the best deal on a washer, check the prices of exclusive models offered by various retailers. You will know if they are of comparable models based on the model numbers.

Set a budget for extras

Consumers must be aware that there may be additional costs when you buy a washing machine unit. There are those units that don’t come with hoses for installation. You may also buy a matching dryer or a venting kit. You may also need to buy a stacking kit. If you want your old unit to be hauled away, that also comes with an extra charge.

Check your load capacity

It is important to buy a washing machine that has enough capacity for your needs. For a family of four, 4 cubic feet would be more than your needs unless you also wash pillows or duvets.