Spice Up Your Home Without Making Your Wallet Cry


Thanks (or no thanks) to COVID-19, people are still at home, staying safe. But the prolonged home quarantine can cause fatigue, especially when you’re seeing the same things over and over again. When you’re tired of seeing the same décor, a little redecorating can make a big difference.

However, not everyone has the budget for major home renovation. The recent pandemic has caused more people to tighten their belts and save for more rainy days. But just because you don’t have the funds for new windows for your home, doesn’t mean you can’t change a few things up.

Here are some minor changes you can do without making your wallet cry.

Choose Your Style

There’s nothing more jarring than a space with too many things in it. To keep your space clutter-free and to save money while redecorating, plan your style. Settle on the mood you want your space to convey. That said, refrain from going overboard on your theme.

For example, decorating your home in beach themes can be cheesy and overwhelming. Nothing’s wrong with a beach theme but think bigger — what does the décor mean to you? Serene and relaxation? Exotic or bold? Your chosen theme will translate to specific colors, wall hangings or knickknacks. Knowing your style can help you be more cohesive and decided.

Mount a Mirror

Add some space to a tiny home with the illusion of mirrors. The human brain can be easily tricked, and mirrors create the illusion of space and bouncing light. Be careful not to add to mirrors, though. If you put too many mirrors around the room, you’ll end up facing your reflection constantly. A cleverly positioned mirror, on the other hand, can make your space look bigger than it is.

Shop for mirrors at flea markets, which are usually rife with vintage mirrors (aka the better option compared to traditional furniture store mirrors). But if you’re happy with cookie-cutter mirrors, IKEA is a goldmine of unique-looking mirrors that suit different rooms.

Make Your Artwork

If you don’t have gorgeous artwork or a scarf collection to display, that’s OK. If you want to add some color to your room, make your own art.

Fortunately, art supply stores sell affordable canvasses, which you can use to express your thoughts with paint, pencil, charcoal or even crayons. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, have your kids paint with their hands or your dog paint with their paws. ;

If you’re uncomfortable with painting, buy colorful fabric and wrap it tightly around your canvases. This will add vibrancy and texture in the same way painting does.

Another simple DIY art trick is to buy a blank canvas and decorate it with silver or gold thumbtacks. Make initials, patterns — whatever you like. ; 

Throw in Some Pillows

Another way to add a pop color is by adding a bright pillow or two. With their big and bold shapes plus European-style design, pillows add a visual variety to dull living rooms or bedrooms. If you already have decorative pillows, buy some new shams to refresh your duvet.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Instantly upgrade your headboard, arrange a tapestry or a blanket over it. If you don’t have one, use this Pinterest trick: buy a small jar of paint to paint a headboard and create a focal point for your room. Try painting a semi-circle, circle or rectangle behind the head of your bed.

Upgrade the Lighting

You may be trying to save on home décor but don’t settle for standard frosted ceiling domes. Instead, choose a more creative covering. If you want to ditch these traditional lighting options, go for the table lamps and standing floor combination. This eclectic combo casts more flattering light compared to overhead lights. Fortunately, you can find many of these lighting options at Target.

Restyle Your Shelves

If a room needs a quick refresh, remove everything from the shelves. Clean your shelves by dusting them off. Start with the top one and work your way down. Once the shelves are clean, place everything back and change the arrangement. If you haven’t touched these items in months, consider de-cluttering to create more space.

Sort Through Your Storage

If you have a garage or an attic that is full of furniture, old books, paintings and other items, it’s time to sort. You may not even know the treasures hiding in the room. If you have children, invite them for this adventurous excursion. Remember: style is cynical and some “outdated” furniture hiding in your storage may come back in style.

Changing the way your home looks is a form of self-care, but redecorating your home need not break your budget. A little creativity can help you refresh your living space. Now go and redecorate!