Home Improvement

When you plan to sell your home, you always hope to make a quick sale and get the most value out of it. To achieve that, you have to make it as impressive as possible for potential buyers. That is home staging. When you do your home staging right, you will undoubtedly find a potential buyer within no time and get value for your sale.

Before you pack up and call Miami movers, consider doing these home staging activities to increase your home’s value.

Stage the necessary rooms

You don’t need to improve the whole house to impress potential buyers. Stage the rooms that count. For instance, a buyer will be interested in seeing the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and maybe one kids’ room. Focus more on the places that can influence a buyer’s decision instead of wasting more time on rooms that won’t make much difference to the buyer like the guest bedroom or garage.


When you live in a house for a long time, there are many things you necessarily don’t use all the time. Get rid of such items and pack them in boxes in the garage for the time being as the clients view your house. For instance, remove shoes and unseasonal coats you don’t need in the hallway, and any miscellaneous or non-crucial items. Leave only the essential items, including decorations and furniture.

Plus, do not stuff everything in the closets. Buyers will want to view the amount of space in the cabinets. Decluttering makes the rooms appear more prominent and impressive.


Depersonalizing the house will help the buyer envision the home as their own, thus triggering a more emotional purchase. So, get rid of the portraits, personal decorations and wallpapers, refrigerator stickers, religious items, personal bathroom items, and towels and set the house on neutral decor as much as possible. While a depersonalized home may not feel comfortable for your family, it is only for a short while until you get a buyer.

The house should be devoid of personal touches to suggest the home belongs to the buyer; however, you can leave only a few decorations for a touch of style and charm.

Clean thoroughly

Cleanliness is another thing that will impress buyers. Clean every corner of the house, thoroughly including appliances such as the fridge corners, stovetops, and countertops. Scrub the bathroom to get rid of any mold stains and dispose of waste. Hire cleaning services if you can and use deodorants to remove any odors.

A clean home will show the buyer the extent to which you have maintained the house; therefore, they will be willing to accept a valuable offer. Plus, they will be happy that they won’t have to hire cleaning services before moving into the new house.

Repair and paint where necessary

Do not forget to check breakages, leakages, and cracks or chipped paint. Check the plumbing areas, sinks, roof, floors, basement, and patch up everything in poor condition. You can seek home renovation services since the efforts will highly pay off during the resale. Paint the rooms with new paint if necessary and ensure everything is in a good state.

The bottom line

Home staging involves improving all your home’s crucial assets to make it impressive for potential buyers. You don’t have to strain your pocket on home staging. You only need to be smart, DIY if you can, and stage where it counts.