Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards – Different Snow Retention Systems

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When you are searching for the best snow management system that must be perfect and best for standing seam roofing, there is a wide variety of solutions for this. Standing seam roof snow guards employ clamp-to-seam technology. These guards make sure that your snow management system works correctly without compromising the integrity of your roof.

From various metal roofing options accessibility in the market for house roofing, metal standing seam is one of the ideal options out there. You can see that these roofs can increase the resale value of your property by up to 6% than a roof that is only roofed with asphalt shingles. Moreover, the benefits are not limited to only this, but you will also recover the average 80% of the costs you put into the installation of a new standing seam roofing system whenever you need to sell your home.

And with less or almost zero maintenance along with warranties that can expand the life of your roof to a maximum of five decades, it is effortless and so much easy to determine why the majority of homeowners are opting for metal standing seam roofing.

The best thing about metal roofing is that it is recyclable. Moreover, if we continue the standing seam features, you will wonder to hear that this roofing option is unique in appearance. Additionally, it is unique in appearance, but it is also unique because attaching anything to it can be quite challenging, and surely no one wants to penetrate the roofing material.

So as the standing seam has a unique appearance, it requires snow guards in order to stop the snow from falling down after melting. Therefore, when it comes to installing snow and ice-stopping systems on standing seam roofs, there are some key points that should be considered.

  •         While choosing the clamps used as snow guards, you should pick the clamps that must feature oval-point set screws. These screws are specially designed and have oval points as they can never penetrate the roofing material.
  •         You should go for the clamps that must have a valid manufacturer’s warranty for this roofing.
  •         Go for the clamps that do not use adhesives so that they can prevent possible potential belongings from changes in the temperature.
  •         Before the installation of clamps, you should guarantee that the plates are tightly and firmly fastened to the roof so that they can hold the load being transferred by installing the clamps.
  •         Once the material of standing seams is compressed, you should ensure that you have tightened and then re-tightened the set screws.
  •         When you install clamps that are uniquely built for pipe-style snow retention systems, you should ensure to take a break every 100 feet in order to enable the thermal to expand.

Ready to choose the best system:

Clamp-to-seam style snow bars are uniquely built to utilize metal standing seam roofs. These unique style snow bars are accessible in different styles, so you have the option to choose from both horizontal and vertical seam configurations. There are many companies that offer these guards in pipe, fence, and pad style options. These three are the most common styles of snow guards available in the market today. Moreover, a broad assortment of powder coating choices assists you in matching your roofing material.

Fence-style snow management:

This style of snow bars is the strongest, sturdiest, and durable on the market. This style of a snow retention system is specially designed for those areas that have a higher risk of snow loads. These are extremely easy to install, and it does its job incredibly as it is designed to do so. These are made up of aircraft-grade aluminium.

Pipe-style snow management:

When you are searching for a pipe-style snow retention system, a few companies provide you with rugged solutions. Most of these options are made up of aluminium material that uses powder coats in order to match your roofing material to a tee.

Pad-style snow management:

These standing seam roof snow guards are decorative and striking with a winged design and powder coated. These are versatile in nature and have been used in iconic places, such as universities, remote cabins, and multi-million dollar mansions.