Strategies for Creating a More Organized Bedroom

Home Improvement


Most people are spending a lot of time in their bedroom than ever before. The bedroom is usually one of the comfiest rooms in the house where you can relax with blankets and throws.

The sofa in the living room may be out of bounds for you to lay with your feet up but your bedroom has no such rules. In there, you’re the king of your little island – it’s your safe space. 

Because of how comfortable we feel in our bedrooms, it’s easy for us to get carried away until the things that give us comfort begin to make the room look messy and cluttered. Soon, you’ll grow uncomfortable with how cluttered your space looks. 

If you’re tired of how disorganized your bedroom looks but have no idea where to start, you’re in luck. Here are some ways you can keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.


  • Take inventory


The first step in creating an organized bedroom is taking stock of what you currently have. This way, you can identify items that you don’t need and are simply taking up space in your room. 

Remember, the key things you require in a bedroom are a place to sleep, a place to store your clothes and accessories, and a place to store other essentials. 

Other fixtures such as paintings, pictures, etc are purely for aesthetic purpose and should be made to fit in with the primary purpose of the room. 


  • Declutter 


Now that you’ve identified the decor items, clothes, and furniture that you don’t need in your room, it’s time to get rid of them. Most times, we decorate our rooms with items not because we need them, but because we think they are necessary.

Decluttering will go a long way in clearing up space in your room and make it look more organized. 


  • Add floating shelves


Now, you have more space in your room, it’s time to redecorate. Be intentional with the look you’re trying to create. A good way to make your room more organized is to limit the amount of stuff that takes up floor space. 

Add floating shelves to a section of the wall or above your dresser so you have a good spot to store books and other accessories. 


  • Get a hamper


Nothing messes up a room as quickly as clothes left on the floor, bed, or every other surface. To get your cloth situation under control, get a hamper. You can put it up in or next to your closet so your clothes do not end up spilling out. A hanging hamper is also a good option to store laundry. 


  • Tidy up your dresser and night table


After the closet, the dresser is another surface that can get messy quickly. Ensure that your night table stays clutter-free by returning used items to their rightful place immediately. Keep only the bare essentials on the surface and store everything else in the drawers. 

Final word

To maintain an organized bedroom, you need to be intentional about your room’s decor. Ensure that every furniture item you get is necessary and make a habit of tidying up. 

The key is to maintain a space that is not only functional and cozy but also easy to clean. Remember, less is more.