The Basics of Rug Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning tips

Rugs can offer charm and warmth to your house. They can enhance the atmosphere of your home and add comfort to an already relaxing space. The challenge is in keeping them clean. No matter the strictures you impose on people who enter your house, dirt, grime, and other undesirables will find their way in. Some of this will get on the rug, which may lead to its being stained and ruined. The only way to preserve your rug is to have it periodically cleaned professionally. Working with a company that specializes in professional rug cleaning, Long Beach, California will ensure that you get the service and results you pay for.

There is a process to the cleaning of a rug, and the company you take yours to should follow it.

Before it is cleaned, the rug must be inspected to identify the fiber type, constitution and dye stability of the rug. Any pre-existing damage or fading will also be identified.

The second step is to send the rug into a machine that will gently loosen all deep dirt and debris in the rug. A compressed air device will also be used. This will remove the remaining dust on the surface of the rug. In all, these processes will remove 90% of the dirt and grime before the proper cleaning process begins.

The next step is to emulsify the rug, which eliminate any remaining dirt, spills, or spots. The rug will then be washed. How this is carried out will depend on the construction and delicacy of the rug. The rug will then be rinsed; fresh water or acidic water will be used depending on the properties of the rug.

The rug will then be sent through a centrifuge which will remove 95% of the water in a few minutes. The rug will then be dried. And in the final step, the rug will be hand groomed, inspected, and wrapped for you to pick it up or have it delivered.

You take great pride in your rug, which is why you want it to be cleaned by the very best company. The vendor you work with should be well-known for the quality of their service and the reasonableness of their rates. They should also give you the best deal possible. It is important to pay especially close attention to this aspect of the transaction. Unscrupulous carpet cleaners are out there. They may be able to clean your carpet properly, but they charge exorbitant fees to do so. This is not fair. You need not pay excessive amounts of money to get your carpet cleaned.

Your rug should be spotless and free of dirt when you get it back. Everything should be done to perfection. And you should be thoroughly pleased with the results and service you received. You have high standards, and it is right for you to hold the rug cleaners you use to them. The cleaners should provide you with the right results and service. You should expect and demand nothing less than the best.

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