The Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Office


With so many benefits of an office water cooler New Jersey business owners need to get one in their facilities today.

Health Benefits

With an office water cooler New Jersey employees will be better hydrated and it can serve as a simple reminder to drink more water throughout the day. Staying hydrated has a lot of health benefits and studies show that hydrated employees can lead to increased productivity. Hydrated employees have increased energy, lower stress levels, and higher brain activity. If employees are dehydrated, the quality and quantity of work can suffer since dehydration can lead to mood changes, mental fatigue, and slower processing of information in the brain. Staying hydrated has more benefits than just employee productivity and it’s important to an employee’s overall health. Some of the health benefits of drinking water include better weight management, improved kidney and bowel function, and balanced body fluids. If employees are healthier overall, they will take fewer sick days, leading to even more productivity.

Encourages Company Culture

A strong company culture can often be overlooked and it’s an important part of any business. A positive vibe and a strong sense of team unity can go a long way toward the success of a business. It’s hard to measure a company culture but you would know it when you see it. A water cooler can serve as a meeting point for co-workers to catch up on the day-to-day lives of other employees. It brings employees together in a more social environment, instead of just a professional one. Teams that know about each other on a more personal level will lead to a better company culture and give you a better chance for success.

Encourages Casual Face Time

In many companies, there are those who have offices and those who don’t. The communication between managers and the employees they manage can often be hindered by not enough face time. A water cooler provides a casual and relaxing atmosphere where managers can talk about life outside of work, as well as work itself. This small thing can create strong relationships, which also leads to a more productive team.

Everyone Needs a Time Out

Most jobs are filled with deadlines and pressure. A water cooler can almost provide an oasis of calm for the staff. Every employee needs to get up and walk away from his or her desk every so often. The water cooler provides an idyllic setting to do this, catch up with co-workers, relax for just a few minutes, and then get reinvigorated for a work project. Employees that are able to decompress throughout the day will also become more engaged employees. Employees want to do good work for employers that are looking out for them and a water cooler can help provide that.