The Best Place To Keep Furniture During Renovation


There’s little quite so fun, refreshing or exhilarating as planning and carrying out home renovations. They are a wonderful way to breathe new life into your old familiar living space. They help you to fall in love with your old home all over again and in many cases can add considerably to your home’s resale value when you finally decide it’s time to move on.

But while home renovations are certainly exciting, they’re also (by their very nature) disruptive. Often floor boards need to be pulled up, walls need to be knocked through and at the very least a new lick of paint needs to go on the walls. What are you to do with your furniture while you’re giving your home this much-needed makeover? Do you take the chance of it being damaged by leaving it at home? Do you see if anyone in your contacts list would be obliging enough to accommodate it for you? Neither is an ideal option.

Storage Units UK, on the other hand, are a great place to keep your furniture while carrying out renovations at home. Here’s why:

No need to inconvenience friends or family

Let’s face it, nobody likes asking for a favour. Leaning on loved ones to store your furniture in their home, basement, garage or attic is an imposition that few feel comfortable asking for. What’s more, your furniture may be subjected to damp, water damage, insects or adventurous pets, and you may not get it back in the same condition as you left it.

With storage units, you’ll never have to take the risk!

Storage units are completely secure

Unlike your grandma’s house or your best mate’s garage, a storage unit offers certain security guarantees. Our units, for example, are highly impregnable- self contained steel-walled units inside a secure brick warehouse. Our facility is also equipped with a range of security and safety features as well as being covered by public liability insurance.

They’re safe and dry

No need to worry about water damage to your furniture or finding a family of mice living in your sofa. Our units are completely safe and dry as well as secure.

It’s quick, easy and convenient to arrange

It couldn’t be simpler to arrange to store your furniture in one of our secure units. Simply…

  • Find your nearest store (we have a presence all over London and Sussex).
  • Choose your space (from 10 sq ft lockers to 320 sq ft rooms, we have it all).
  • Call us or book online.
  • Sit back and relax. We’ll come and collect your furniture for you.

You might just be surprised at how affordable it is!

You may not previously have considered storage units because you were worried about the cost. It’s unfortunately true that there are some less scrupulous companies that charge over the odds. However, our storage units offer savings of up to 64% when compared to our competitors. Even our collection is free of charge when you pay in advance for 3 months or more.

So, don’t leave your furniture’s fate to chance when planning renovations. Entrust it to one of our secure storage units.