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Hand hygiene remains one of the most effective measures in the field of patient safety. The evidence is clear in this regard and, for WHO and many health systems around the world, handwashing is one of the priority objectives.

However, for multiple reasons, compliance with this objective (hand washing at the right time) does not even reach 50%. That is, we only wash our hands in 50% of the situations in which, according to the guidelines, we should do it. Therefore, various approaches have been developed to improve this percentage: eliminate obstacles, improve the location of laundry areas, social marketing, incentives, on-the-job training, and a long etcetera. For the Pressure washing Texarkana service, you can have the best deals now.

The Interventions

We are going to talk about two interventions that come from the field of theories of behavior change, ¬†feedback (reporting whether the washing is correct or not) and social pressure (when someone observes you, we usually do things well). Feedback is well known, regarding social pressure there is a classic example that analyzes handwashing in men’s toilets taking into account whether there are people around or not.

  • A team of researchers from Rotterdam decided to design a strategy to improve handwashing in neonates, and they decided to carry out co-creation sessions with researchers and healthcare professionals. The main goal was to complete hand washing before opening an incubator door. In these sessions it was decided to use both strategies (feedback and social pressure).

Last Words

For this, a hydroalcoholic solution dispenser was placed next to the incubator, as well as a screen, some LEDs next to the door and a “social control” light just above the incubator. When the light was off, the door was not allowed to open. If the professional used the hydroalcoholic solution (information obtained through a sensor) and 30 seconds passed from the dispensing, the light turned green and the door was authorized to open. If the door was opened before those 30 seconds or without using the hydroalcoholic solution, the light changed to flashing orange (informing that the door was opened without complying with hand washing).

In addition, next to the incubator there was a screen with notices about compliance with handwashing and with an informative video about the correct mode of washing. In the case of not complying with the protocol, the message informed of the need to close the incubator door. Checkout Cypress Texas power wash services.

  • This project incorporates two different interventions: feedback to the professional (with the screen next to the dispenser, helping to remember at all times the need for hand washing) and, on the other hand, social pressure (the flashing orange light when the protocol). There are no concrete evaluation studies on this light incubator model, but the fact that the system has been designed by professionals is perhaps an interesting way to improve patient safety.


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