The Best Specialist Service for Your Wall Plastering


Once the shell is completed, the plastering specialist intervenes to refine the layout and equipment of your interior. The skills of this professional which combine technique and decoration are essential on a construction site. How to choose the plastering specialist corresponding to your expectations? What are the points to be checked? Here is the advice of the experts to guide you in your steps.

What is the role of the plastering specialist?

The plastering specialist carries out interior finishing work, insulation on all surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings) and installation of partitions.

It intervenes in second work, that is to say once the masonry and carpentry work has been carried out. From  you can have the best solutions now.

When should you call on a plastering specialist?

The plastering specialist can be called upon to:

  • Install partitions: usually using plasterboard or tiles or prefabricated partitions.
  • Insulate a home: it installs thermal and / or acoustic insulation for better energy efficiency and better comfort. The drywall installer can produce technical ducts intended to mask the passage of fluids (wastewater, sewage, electrical cables, etc.) in buildings while maintaining the fire and acoustic properties of the walls they pass through.
  • Smooth and polish the surfaces (walls and ceilings) left raw using plaster in all its forms: simple, bricks, plates, tiles, blocks, etc.
  • Carry out moldings and brickwork (fitting out partitions or counter-partitions, formwork, cladding, interior fittings).
  • Make staff (plaster-based material) and stucco (lime-based plaster) for certain decorative elements.
  • Example of interventions by the plastering specialist in the case of the creation of a partition wall partition in plaster tiles with sound insulation

the installation of protections in the room concerned, he supply and installation of partitions and sound insulation, jointing (filling joints), sanding, and the transport of rubble to a recycling center.

What are the responsibilities of the plastering specialist?

Even before issuing an estimate, the plastering specialist must verify the adequacy between your request, the regulations (or specific orders of the place where the project is located) and the technical feasibility.

This work cannot therefore be the subject of an additional request after its signature. Exceptionally, it nevertheless happens that the diagnosis is difficult to carry out upstream. In this case, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the site, make an in-depth review with the chosen plastering specialist.

How to choose your Plastering specialist

The experts give you guidelines to help you find the right plastering specialist. It is important to make sure that you call on a plastering specialist with the right to practice, corresponding to your expectations (relationship, availability, strength of proposal and advice, etc.) and to clarify all aspects before signing. Do not hesitate to contact several professionals to be able to compare their services and their quotes.