The Complete List of Unsightly Problems Exterior Painting Helps to Mask

Home Improvement

Home improvements are about increasing aesthetic appeal, functionality and resale value of a home. Among the different home improvement options, a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your home a makeover. It instantly transforms the appearance of your home.

Signs that your home’s exteriors need repainting:

The exteriors of your home are subject to harsh environmental conditions all year round. Sunlight, moisture and wind weaken the gloss of paint film. Extreme temperature also causes the surface to expand or contract which only good quality paint films can withstand. The following problems can occur with exterior paint over time.

  • Alligatoring: Appearance of patterned cracking (like alligator scales) arises because of applying hard drying topcoat over a layer of non-drying coating, drying of top-coating due to constant exposure to sun or aging of oil-based paints.
  • Blistering: There are visible bubbles on the surface due to applying oil-based paint over a wet surface, exposure of latex paint film to high humidity or moisture escaping via the exterior walls.
  • Chalking: A powder-like formation can be spotted on the paint film surface because of using paints meant for interiors or alkyd-based paint, which is generally prone to more chalking.
  • Cracking: Small hairline cracks emerge and gradually progress into bigger cracks due to poor surface preparation prior to painting, using low-quality paints or spreading the paint too thin.
  • Efflorescence: White deposits of salt crystals develop on the wall surfaces due to failing to remove existing layer of efflorescence before painting or insufficient curing time for new mortar.
  • Fading: Excessive fading of paint layer could be due to exposure to harsh direct sunlight, using altered paint or using paint colours

These common paint problems ruin the appearance of your home’s exteriors. You can hire reputable contractors to repaint the exteriors. They know the right way to prepare the wall before starting the painting work from scratch. If you are looking for a reputable Maler i Sorø call Vibes Painting Company.

They are one of the top painting companies in Soro. They have been offering affordable and hassle-free service in the last 18 years and have earned a large number of loyal customers. Spending money on repainting the exteriors is worth every penny.

Benefits of repainting your home’s exteriors:

  • Increased home value: Even major renovations like kitchen offer only partial returns (80%) but repainting months before sale guarantees 140% returns.
  • Curb appeal: The exteriors of your home play a major role in attracting potential buyers. A freshly painted home attracts more attention when it is put up on sale.
  • Better protection from harmful elements: Repainting serves as a protective outer-coating for your house’s siding and keeps insects and moisture at bay.
  • Increased siding lifespan: Every siding material degenerates over time and you’ll have to replace them once in a while. You can instead temporarily cover up siding damages by repainting and save up on siding costs.

Painting the exterior can take quite a bit of time, but it is the best budget-friendly way to improve the appeal and value of your home. The right contractors help you save more and create a great outlook for your home.