The Essential Options in Air Duct Cleaning Now


Cleaning of the ventilation duct begins by vacuuming the entire duct. Without vacuum, it is virtually impossible to achieve the desired result. The canals are then brushed with an electrically driven brush machine designed for this purpose. The brush type is always selected according to the situation depending on the dust and the IV channel. When this work is done, clean the valves and IV machine and replace the filters. With the air duct cleaning you can now have the best deals.

Smart Cleaning Options

It is a good idea to get to know the site before you bid and start work. Only after this will it be possible to price the project and submit a mapping report with proposals for action. The subscriber is always kept up to date in the event of something occurring; which could not have been known in advance.

When was the last time the duct cleaning was done in your apartment? If you don’t remember, it’s probably too long.


How often should we clean my air ducts?

  • Every year: Plant kitchens, carpentry facilities, paint shops and other flammable areas
  • Every 5 years: Schools, hospitals and penal institutions
  • Every 10 years: Detached houses and other buildings in normal use

A record of the inspection and cleaning is always made, with a copy for the owner of the building, the fire department and the contractor. In the event of an injury, we also provide reports of work and changes to the damage inspector before and after with pictures.

Order a duct cleaning if you notice the following:

  • A dirty dark ring has formed at the inlet valve
  • Larger trash remains on the filters
  • The air in the air conditioner feels stale or smells
  • When you try the inside of the duct, it will be clear of dirt

Ventilation ducts should be cleaned regularly, especially in dwelling houses and buildings with mechanized ventilation. As the cleaning of the ductwork is directly related to the quality of the indoor air, it is advisable to use a company specialized in cleaning the ductwork. The fact that cleaning of air ducts and air conditioner requires (besides know-how) their own special equipment (especially air duct cleaning) also supports the use of company services, so it is best to leave it to the professionals to get the best result.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts, if there is no mechanical ventilation

If there is no mechanical ventilation in your house, you should still pay attention to cleaning the ventilation ducts. The need to clean ventilation ducts is easily detected by dust and dirt hanging from the duct valves – you can easily clean the valves on the roof of the room yourself, either by vacuuming or by wiping the valves clean (depending on the valve location). When cleaning the outside of the valve, you can also peek inside the ventilation duct (e.g. with a flashlight) and observe the amount of dirt and dust on the inside of the ventilation duct. If you wish, you can also run a test and sweep a small area inside the air duct – for example, around the valve outlet. After cleaning, you can, for example, wait 2-3 weeks to see what the area you are cleaning looks like. If the air duct is as dirty as before, it will tell you about the dirt and dust in the duct and hence the need for more thorough cleaning.

Additional need for cleaning of ventilation ducts

Often, the ventilation ducts of an ordinary detached or terraced house (without mechanical ventilation) will remain entirely self-sufficient for a long time, since there is no obligation to clean them (compared to e.g. cleaning); whereby the amount of dust in the IV channels can, understandably, accumulate quite a lot. In addition to the prolonged cleaning interval, the amount of street dust in your home area (especially in the spring) increases the need to clean ventilation ducts; as well as any additional clothing from residents – such as asthma or extreme sensitivity to dust.