The Hardships of Being A Roofing Contractor


Being a roofing contractor is hard. It is an underrated part of home improvement; however, the job of a roofing contractor is actually much more difficult than it may seem, especially when installing metal roofs in Florida. Your local roofing contractor is very passionate about their work, but what they do on a daily basis presents many dangers. Here are some of the reasons why their job is very challenging.

The job of a roofing contractor is dangerous and presents many hazards. They are climbing up damaged roofs with very heavy equipment. 34% of roofing injuries result in fatalities, if not permanent damage, because of the height and impact of the fall. Sometimes roofs can be slippery too because of the buildup of moss and algae. One step in the wrong direction can lead to broken bones or other injuries.

According to studies, roofing is the sixth most dangerous job in the United States. This is a big reason why roofing contractors need to be in shape. They have to maintain the right balance as they carry and install shingles. There is a lot of training required before someone ever sets foot on a roof.

If you think that roofing contractors get paid a lot, then you are mistaken. Roofing contractors do not make as much money as some would think. Their money is divided into different parts, and the contractor would then have to split the remaining money with the laborers.

For more on roofing contractors and their hardships, here is an infographic by Universal Contracting in Florida, the providers of the best commercial roofing in Naples, FL.


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How Difficult is the Job of a Roofing Contractor - Infographic