The Perfect Guide For How Often Should I Clean The Water Purifier


Pollution level is increasing rapidly in the world. Its vicious circle has trapped anything to everything starting from the air, land and the water. While busy focusing more on afforestation, we are somewhat neglecting the life existing element i.e. the need for pure water in our life. 

But, the technology has taken a great initiative with the manufacturing of the water purifiers. The best water purifier is an innovative appliance that has become a necessity for every household. This appliance eliminates the contaminants and impurities to enter in our body. 

There are many interesting facts that will surely make you think to get one for your home. Have a look:

What Is A Water Filter?

Most of us did or still boil the water before drinking. It is actually done to kill all the harmful bacteria and pollutants from the water and to make it fit for drinking. However, technology has bestowed us with several best water purifier brands in India. This appliance reduces the manual efforts and offers the drinking fit water to our homes. 

There are several types of water filters available in the market. Depending on the type of water you are getting, you should install the water purifier to your home. 

Why You Require A Water Filter To Your Home?

We all know that our body is made up of 70% water. Therefore, we all require the pure and safe water that nourishes our body with its healthy minerals. But if we depend only on our tap water than we are at a high risk of getting caught by the waterborne diseases. Thus, most of the water of the basic filters remove the chlorine, copper, and aluminum. However, the best water purifier for home completely eliminates the impurities and maintain a healthy level of minerals into it. This helps in offering strong teeth and the proper pH balance in the water. 

Is There Any Need To Change The Water Filter? 

Alike the other appliances in your home, a water filter also gets affected with the extra impurities and particles in the filters. A water filter pulls out all the contaminants and leaves the healthy and clean water for drinking. 

All the clogged up substances affect the efficiency of the water purifier. Therefore for the proper working of the best water purifier in India, you need to clean it regularly and if required replace the filters of the water purifier frequently. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Water Filter?

A water purifier requires the cleaning and changing of the water filter after every 2 months for the healthy water delivery. 

Even the changing of the water filter depends on certain factors. These factors are:

  • Water Consumption
  • Filtration System Brand
  • The number of elements that require filtering
  • Hardness or the softness of the water

Depending on the usage, you should regularly check for the cleaning or the replacement of the water filter. If you are living in a big family than your water filter needs replacement every 2-6 weeks. As the increased usage crafts the increased dust and sediments in the water filters.

Moreover, with the upgraded technology, the best water purifier brand in India is coming with an electronic indicator. The light starts blinking whenever your water filters require the replacement. This makes the water purifier the long run companion for your home. Thus, there is no need to worry about the effective functioning of your water purifier.

How To Clean Your Water Filter?

The cleaning water filter is not a daunting task at all. It includes several steps that will make your water filter work like the new one again. Steps that should be followed are:

  • Start with removing the old filter from the pitcher. Don’t ever run your filter before changing it. 
  • After the release of the water filter, clean your hands before handling the new filters. 
  • Now remove the filters from the packet and pre-soak it in the bowl of cold water for approx 2-4 minutes. 
  • Flush out the filters with the running cold water for good 15 minutes. 
  • While working on the soaking and flushing the new filter, clean the pitcher and the reservoir with the warm water. Now make it dry as it will eliminate the growth of the bacteria into it. Also, clean it with the non-abrasive cleanser. This cleanser is fit for cleaning the plastic or the glass of the pitcher. As a homemade solution, you can try one teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water. This will automatically work as the bacteria-killing solution for your appliance. 
  • Now insert the flushed filter into the reservoir and firmly press it to ensure a tight seal of the filter. The modular water filters come with the click sound to ensure the tight seal. 
  • Last but not least, add the cold tap water. With the first 2-3 times put the water into the plants. This may clean the left dust to get released from the water purifier. 


Wrapping Up

These are some of the things you should keep while using any of the best water purifiers in India. This will help you to elevate the efficiency and reliability of the water purifier. If you haven’t owned one, it is the right time to get the best water purifier for home

With this single purchase have a Healthy Drinking Habit. 

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