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In practical terms, this means that you just have to think about the style of decoration that prevails in your home – classic, minimalist, rustic, modern, bold etc. and choose coverings that complement the predominant theme. This way, you avoid creating an unharmonious composition or weighing environments with too much information.

The Right Solutions for You

Therefore, we recommend choosing ceramic tiles Sydney with a matte finish, which are slightly slippery. However, more social kitchens, where you cook less and are used for parties or social events, it is possible to invest in shiny or polished pieces.

In outdoor kitchens or with very frequent use, the ideal is to invest in pieces with EXT finish, which is even less slippery and perfect for handling water. However, it is worth remembering that these precautions are only for the floor of the room, since the finish is indifferent in the functionality of the walls.

Consider the quality of the coating

The flooring you will choose for your kitchen must be of quality. After defining the material you will use for the lining of the space, you will have to choose from several suppliers that work with that specific product.

Some companies are specialized and, therefore, develop higher quality parts. Because they work with a specific material (for example, ceramics), they have the know-how to create more durable, more resistant and more beautiful pieces. Therefore, they produce coatings with a better cost-benefit ratio.

  • Therefore, before choosing the coating supplier for the kitchen in your home, try to find out how the manufacturing process of these pieces is, if the company is specialized and recognized as an authority on the subject. In this way, you guarantee that you will receive the best product for your renovation.
  • Now that you’ve learned the top tips on kitchen flooring, the best part is: choosing your favorite models. Enjoy and use our environment simulator to test the options you like the most.

Choosing bathroom tile is one of the most important tasks of a renovation. Therefore, the decision on the purchase of coverings must take into account a number of factors, such as the style of decoration that most appeals to residents and the level of ventilation in the room.

The Right Choices

The most common bathroom coverings are ceramic tiles. But they can also be porcelain tiles, cementitious or glass tiles. Regardless of the type, it is essential to check if the material follows the current technical standards and if it is indicated for wet areas, such as the box. In addition, the installation must be carried out by qualified professionals so that the result is maintained for a long time.

To help you make the best decisions in this regard, we explain in this post the importance of coverings and present tips on how to choose bathroom tiles