The Proper Installation of Your Pool’s Electrical Equipment

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A pool is a complex structure the work of which is provided by a set of various electrical  devices. Such equipment is a major hazard. It is because the resistance of human skin in the humid atmosphere and the water decreases by 100 or even 1000 times. The negligence of a designer or installer of the electrical equipment in the pool can cost people’s lives. 

What Should You Know Before the Installation?

The pool electrical equipment automates the various system control flow helping the owner save time and achieve its optimal settings. According to safety engineering, its installation should be made by professional electricians because a swimming pool is an object of high risk. High humidity in the room with the pool, the underwater lighting installation, etc. make it necessary to choose the electrical equipment carefully. 

Types of the Pool’s Electrical Equipment

The electrical system is determined at the pool design stage so that no changes are made during the construction process. These electrical devices include: 

  • control units for the filter system, electric heater, lighting, water attractions, pool water level;
  • a control panel with timer;
  • a pneumatic electric switch;
  • transformers for spotlights and luminaries. 

Measures to Prevent Electric Shock Accidents

Improving the pool electric safety includes some measures to protect you from accidents. The main directions are:

  • Execution of electrical appliances, wires, and cables;
  • Low voltage application;
  • Application of circuit breakers and safety shutdown systems; 
  • Reliable grounding.


The strict observance of all standards and recommendations allows us to set up the pool for comfortable and safe swimming. Considering a number of the equipment required, it is necessary to provide the electric safety. Your pool must be properly operated and maintained in time to prevent many accidents.