The Race to Qatar 2022: Bigwigs at Risk of Missing Out on the Action

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As anticipation for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar grows, several bigwig football teams are scrambling to secure their spots in the prestigious event. The global footballing extravaganza is set to showcase top talent and exhilarating matches, but the road to qualification has not been smooth sailing for everyone. In this article, we will delve into the factors that have contributed to the challenges faced by prominent football teams and how they may affect the tournament’s expansion.

Shortsightedness in Football Associations

One major factor contributing to the potential absence of big players in the upcoming World Cup is shortsighted decision-making by certain football associations. Failure to invest adequately in infrastructure, youth development programs, and coaching staff can lead to a decline in performance in both domestic and international competitions. This shortsighted approach can jeopardize the team’s chances of qualifying for major tournaments such as the World Cup.

Impact on Tournament Expansion

FIFA has plans to expand the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams, with more slots being allocated to emerging football regions like Africa, Asia, and Oceania. However, if powerhouse teams fail to qualify due to inadequate strategic planning, it could potentially slow down the efforts towards the expansion of the tournament.

Analyzing the Teams at Risk

Several high-profile teams have found themselves struggling during the World Cup qualifiers, raising doubts about their participation in the main event. Let us examine the situations faced by these teams and what they need to do to turn their fortunes around:


The Azzurri sent shockwaves through the football world when they failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, missing out on the tournament for the first time in 60 years. The Italian team has since shown improvement under new management, but the road to Qatar is still fraught with challenges, and Italy cannot afford to be complacent in their remaining qualifying matches.


The South American giants only managed to secure their spot in the 2018 World Cup after a last-minute victory against Ecuador. A similar situation could arise during the current qualification campaign if Argentina fails to find consistency in their performance. With intense competition from other South American teams, Argentina must up their game or risk watching the tournament from home.


After failing to qualify for both the 2016 European Championship and the 2018 World Cup, the Dutch team has been working hard to get back on track. Despite having a talented squad, Netherlands faces stiff competition in their qualifying group, with Norway and Turkey also vying for a place in the finals. The Oranje will need to maintain their focus to clinch a spot in Qatar.

Factors Hindering Team Performance

Beyond shortsighted decision-making by football associations, there are several factors that contribute to a team’s struggles in the World Cup qualifiers. These include:

  • Injury concerns: Losing key players due to injuries can significantly affect a team’s chances of winning crucial qualifiers.
  • Lack of cohesion: Poor chemistry between teammates and inadequate understanding of the coach’s tactics can lead to disjointed performances on the field.
  • Complacency: Overconfidence can result in underestimating opponents, leading to unexpected losses in seemingly easy matches.
  • Pressure: The immense expectations placed on the players can sometimes prove to be too much, causing them to underperform during high-stakes matches.

Importance of World Cup Participation for Bigwigs

The presence of football giants in the World Cup is crucial not only for their respective countries but also for the tournament’s overall appeal. Their participation brings:

Increased Fan Engagement

Bigwig teams boast massive fan bases, and their presence in the World Cup generates excitement and higher viewership numbers. Should any of these teams fail to qualify, it could lead to a decline in interest among casual fans, which would negatively impact the tournament’s reach.

Quality of Competition

The inclusion of elite teams ensures that the competition remains intense and unpredictable, with multiple contenders vying for the coveted trophy. The absence of top-tier teams might dilute the quality of the matches and take away some of the tournament’s unpredictability.

Global Exposure for Football

Successful campaigns by football powerhouses inspire the growth and development of the sport in their regions. If such teams miss out on the World Cup, it could potentially hamper the progress of football in those areas and discourage aspiring talents from pursuing the sport.

In conclusion, the race to Qatar 2022 has been fraught with challenges for several bigwig football teams. Factors like shortsighted decision-making, injuries, and complacency have put these teams at risk of missing out on the prestigious tournament. As we approach the final stretch of the qualifiers, it remains to be seen who will make the cut and who will be left watching from the sidelines. All eyes are on these struggling giants as they attempt to turn their fortunes around and secure their spots in Qatar.