The Right Choice For Your Windows


One of the best window treatments is the plantation shutters. They are versatile, cheaper than regular draperies, and can add value to your home. Plantation shutters are an excellent option for high quality, functional and attractive window treatments. If you are considering buying shutters for plantations, you have undoubtedly quickly learned about the many options available to you.

Besides, many people these days also prefer canvas awnings. They are designed for weather protection and available in wide sizes and colours. They are made of acrylic coat which protects people from harsh elements. When you require canvas awnings, find it in Maroubra. They are highly durable and will serve you for a long time.

Plantation blinds can be purchased as a warehouse, or you can buy custom-made internal blinds suitable for your windows. And there is also building material – the most common materials include vinyl, linden, poplar, maple, as well as many valuable types of wood. And it is not surprising that each material offers different levels of quality and price – from vinyl blinds to custom.

Plantation Blinds Building Materials

Plantation shutters are made from various materials. They are as follows;



Vinyl Shutters Interior

Some of the most affordable interior shutters are made of vinyl. Although vinyl interior blinds are not deformed and, as a rule, do not require decoration, they certainly look synthetically. The advantage of vinyl is that it represents the most economical solution and is widely available.

Wooden plantation shutters: linden and poplar

Linden and poplar are two of the most common types of wood used to make internal shutters. Linden and poplar are technically hardwood. But like hardwoods, they are light and relatively soft compared to other hardwoods such as maple or oak. Linden finishes well; it can be either painted or stained.


You should look for products where reinforced dowels connect the rails.

Hardwood plantation shutters: durable and beautiful

Real blinds for hardwood plantations, such as maple, represent the highest level of quality and value in modern plantation shutters. Although the initial cost is sometimes higher than that of a comparatively large shutter made of linden or poplar, the quality is generally higher. And there is a high probability that your maple blinds will survive the shutters made from more affordable materials.

In addition to the increased strength and durability of quality wood plantation shutters, solid wood shutters provide great aesthetic appeal, painted or dyed. The natural beauty and graininess of the vast array of hardwood species represent a limitless palette of design and style for your hardwood plantation shutters. Besides, you can choose the wood and finish that will match your existing decor.

When it comes to beauty, versatility and durability, no other material can compare with such high-quality, dense wood species such as maple. Although quality hardwood shutters can cost more, the lifespan of your blinds will far exceed the cost of cheaper alternatives. Thus, get the high-quality plantation shutters in Maroubra. They will serve you accordingly for a long period.