The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Bath Towels Online


Ever tried buying bath towels all alone? While it may feel like a trivial task that would take a maximum of 5-10 minutes, towel shopping can be a task for many. When you buy towels, just touching the fabric and seeing the price isn’t enough; there are so many other factors you have to look at.

Agreed, it’s a menial task to buy bath towels online and not like you’re buying a house. But if you know what to look at, you’ll end up buying the best bath towels that will last a very long time.

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Here are the factors you need to look at before making a purchase!

1.   Size

While googling towels, you’ll come across various options. It is essential to check the size before buying so that it is apt for your needs. You do not want to end up buying hand towels instead of bath towels. Hence, always check the size.

Face Towels 20″ x 30″
Bath Towels 30″ x 56″
Bath Sheets 40″ x 70″

2.   Fabric

If you’re looking for towels for daily use, which are absorbent as well as dry fast, then without any second thoughts, opt for cotton towel sets. Cotton is a natural fibre and hence best for the skin. You’ll also come across plush Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton towels, which are luxurious and also expensive.

If you’re looking at buying cheap bath towels, opt for polyester or synthetic towels as they dry fast but may have less absorbance value. For sustainable sheets, which also helps the world, then go for bamboo fabric. These are quick-drying as well as absorbent towels.

3.   Production Technique

Besides the fabric, it is very important to check the different production techniques such as ring-spun or cotton-combed. These affect the durability and absorbance level of the towels.

  • The cotton comb method is when the cotton is brushed to remove the small fibres, leaving the more long-lasting ones behind.
  • In the ring-spun cotton method, both long and short fibres are twisted into a loop. This, of course, makes it very durable.
  • The zero twist technology is the number of how much the yarn is twisted. This makes the sheet more plush and absorbent.

4.   GSM

Is your towel super plush and heavy? Do you want towels like those in five-star hotels? These towels have a high GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter. It measures the density of your towel. GSM ranges from 300-900.

The higher the GSM, the heavier and plusher the towel is. For daily use, it’s best to buy towels with 500-700 GSM. Luxurious towels are higher than 700 GSM, and beach or gym towels range from 300-600 GSM.

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