The Usage of Microchannel Coils

Home Improvement

Kastra has launched a new series of microchannel coils complete with microchannel heat exchangers. These devices and installations based on them are characterized by efficiency in excess of 100% in relation to the lowest calorific value.

Microchannel coils are made of aluminum and, in comparison with traditional copper-aluminum ones, have a better heat transfer coefficient. Microchannel heat exchangers are made of an aluminum plate with a large number of longitudinal microchannels through which freon circulates.

This technical solution of microchannel coil can become interesting and attractive to customers for the following reasons:

  1. Less weight. If we take the weight of a conventional heat exchanger as 100%, then an aluminum one with the same characteristics will weigh only 55%.
  2. Strength and corrosion resistance. Cladding fins onto microchannel plates improves heat transfer and reduces the size of the heat exchanger while increasing its rigidity. Heat exchangers can be washed with high-pressure water without the risk of damaging the traditionally soft fins. Condensers with aluminum heat exchangers can be used in aggressive environments.
  3. Saving refrigerant. Only 25% of the volume required for a conventional heat exchanger is required to fill it with freon.
  4. Promotion potential. Microchannel coils exchanger technology, also advance the potential of the air heater
  5. Kaltra microchannel coils heat transfer coefficient is not only small size, high heat transfer efficiency, to meet high energy efficiency standards, and has excellent pressure resistance, can CO2 as a working fluid cooling, in line with environmental requirements, causes widespread concern in academic and industry.
  6. The modularity of construction. The components are standardized and always in stock. The production time for new capacitors has been significantly reduced.

The work to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment has already resulted in inverter compressors, fans with blades with an optimized profile, contributing to a significant improvement in operating parameters.