Things to Know When Dealing with a Chronic Hoarder


Anyone could become a hoarder; it could be your parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, or even you. Living with one puts you in a challenging situation. It is usual for you to feel angry, frustrated, and embarrassed most of the time. But the question is, what kind of help have you offered? Did you try to reach out a couple of times? Have you tried threatening and bribing the person, but they would not budge at all?

Well, if you are not seeing any results, do not worry because their behavior is very typical among hoarders. However, if you want to help someone you love to get out of their miserable living conditions, you need to understand the following things about hoarding.

Hoarding is similar to addiction

You do not expect people who are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs to quit their vices overnight. The same goes for people who love to collect stuff. Most hoarders have issues with overspending. They cannot control themselves from buying things that they fancy, even if it’s not necessary. If it reaches the point where the person has accumulated way too much stuff, you need to convince them to get in touch with companies that offer a Baltimore junk removal service. Cleaning companies play a significant role in changing the life of a hoarder by effectively getting rid of the unnecessary stuff that causes so many personal issues.

The problem can be caused by something deeper

Most people resort to hoarding because of something more profound. Some find comfort and security with their possessions because they grew up not having many things. Some started hoarding after experiencing a calamity or a traumatic experience, such as divorce or death of a loved one. They feel that the stuff around them gives them additional comfort and security.

Logic may work but not for everyone

Convincing a hoarder to change their ways by counseling may work for some people. Most hoarders are aware of their problem, but they refuse to do something about it. Family and friends usually try to help out by providing logical reasoning, but most of them fail to convince a hoarder. If you want to help out a hoarder, you need a lot of patience and understanding.

Encourage the person to seek professional help

You may want to have a heart to heart talk with a hoarder and explain to them their current situation and how other people feel about it. Sometimes hoarders are blinded with the reality because they are too focused on their little world. Hoarding is one way of coping in life; however, it can be destructive in many ways. Take time to encourage a hoarder to seek help from a professional so they can finally let go of all the emotional baggage that they have been holding on for such a long time.

Remember changing a hoarder does not happen overnight. So be very patient and understanding about the situation.