Tips for cleaning your gutters:

Home Improvement

Firstly, before you start anything, inform someone that you plan to clean your gutters and check your equipment. It may be a good idea to hire a company that specialises in gutters to help you clean them for you, like Gutter Guys ( ).

If you are doing it yourself, to help you have the best and safest gutter cleaning experience, here are some pointers:

Ladder Safety

  • Before every use check your ladder, making sure it is safe to use. Look for dents, loose parts or other faults. 
  • A four-step ladder is fine for use on a single-story building, but an extension ladder is recommended for a taller structure. An orchard ladder is not ideal to use as it is more unstable due to only having three legs for support.
  • The heaviness of the ladder should also be taken into account if you plan to use it for a long duration of time and move it regularly, as this can cause muscle fatigue. If so, using an aluminium ladder is recommended as it falls second to a fiberglass ladder, which is the sturdiest but also the heaviest.
  • A wooden ladder is not ideal as it poses safety risks due to being more unsteady.
  • Make sure that the ladder is placed on a flat surface, especially check for any stray rocks or cracks. You can also use a ladder stabiliser to make sure it remains in place.
  • Putting tarp, or something similar, under your workspace is useful for collecting any debris that might fall or if you want to drop something down.
  • Also be mindful of power lines when setting up where to place and climbing up the ladder.

Rubber Shoes

Wearing shoes with rubber soles will greatly help with your balance and stability, in order to prevent slipping, which is a must especially when working on a ladder. Rooftops can be the moistest in the morning, and if you are working with lots of water it can make the equation even more probable for an accident to occur. 

Eye Protection 

This is an essential part of the equipment needed for cleaning gutters it is possible for things to go into your eyes while working. Additionally, it is possible to find animals and insects to be in the gutter and scatter when removing a clog.


Wearing gloves is also important as it protects your hands from injuries, dirt and any animal droppings that contain bacteria. 

Use a Gutter Scoop

To remove dirt in the gutter use a gutter scoop, which you should be able to find at a hardware store, if not the two second best options are to just use a small, plastic kids shovel or a kitchen spatula instead. Metal tools are more likely to damage the gutter which can result in rust or, in areas where there is already rusting, for the process to occur faster.


Once removing all the debris you can with the gutter scoop, or an alternative, use a garden hose to wash away any extra dirt as well as showing you if there are any possible leaks that need fixing.

Regular Cleaning 

Semi-annual cleaning, in spring and autumn, are recommend as it will mean there is less chance of a build-up in the gutters as well as reducing the chances of water damage and the speed up of the rusting process.