Tips for Decorating with Rugs

Tips for Decorating with Rugs


Are you considering adding a rug to your living space? Rugs can be a great way to add warmth and comfort, plus they’re perfect for defining spaces. With so many options available, it’s important to know how to choose the best rug for your needs. Here are some tips on decorating with rugs:

1. Wall-to-wall

When a rug is placed on a floor, most often, the carpet tile is flush with the walls. If there isn’t a border around the room with baseboard molding, you can place your carpets against the wall, and they can flow from one to another in a seamless transition. This is very popular when you have a room with little natural light. The rugs will reflect what little light there is, making the space seem brighter

This look is also popular in rooms where you have relatively little furniture because it ensures that the furniture won’t be overshadowed by your carpets.

2. Raised up

Adding height to a space is a great way to make it feel more expansive. You can do this by adding some low-profile furniture, an area rug with a tight pattern, or by framing out the flooring with moldings on top of your carpet. This is especially popular in rooms where you have a lot of windows and doors.

3. On the settee

Rugs placed on the seat of a sofa are becoming more and more popular. A small rug in front of your sofa is ideal for adding color to the room and warming up the space. If you have a rug with a pattern, be sure that it has ample spacing so that the pattern doesn’t compete with itself. Geometric carpets are a good choice to decorate on the settee.

4. On the bed

A small rug in front of your bed is ideal for adding color to the space and warming up the room. This is perfect when you have a room with little natural light because it will reflect what little light there is into the bedroom. Also, if your carpet is slightly elevated and placed in front of the bed, you can slide onto the rug and get out of bed. This little trick eliminates that awkward moment when you’ve just crawled out of bed and still have to use the bathroom.

5. On the stairs

Adding a runner down your steps not only looks beautiful but also adds a layer to the space and makes it feel cozier. This is especially great during the winter months when you’re picking up your socks and shoes off the floor.

6. Hanging on a wall

A rug hung on the wall can be both practical and pretty. You can use it as a key hook, tuck things away in your closet, or let it act as storage. Have you ever seen those anime drawings where the characters have their backpacks hanging off these weird racks? Think of this look like that but slightly less awkward. You can even use your small area rug for this look.

7. Under low-profile furniture

If you’re searching for a way to add color and texture to your room without competing with other objects in your space, then look no further than an area rug. Using an area rug under your coffee or side tables is a perfect solution!

Whether you are looking to add some color, texture, or warmth to your home decorating scheme, a rug is a perfect way to do so. By understanding how different rugs can affect your space and what kind of look you are going for, it will be easier than ever before to find one that matches exactly what you need!