Tips to Avoid Appliance Repair Forever And Make Your Life Easier

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As every appliance repair technician worth his salt knows, it’s always better to do preventative measures than fix a broken TV or toaster. While ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’ also rings true, maintenance probably won’t hurt either.

Here are some of the most helpful suggestions to lengthen your beloved dishwasher’s lifespan. You’re welcome.  


  1. Buy a brand/model that’s going to last you forever. Investing on reliable models will guarantee not only better quality and value for money but also prevent unnecessary replacement and repair. The following sums up people’s choice of best brands out there for most commonly used household electronics.

According to Consumer Reports (July 2020), here are some of the top brands for a refrigerator:

  1. Thermador
  2. Miele
  3. LG

Washing Machine:

  1. Speed Queen 
  2. Miele
  3. LG

Dish Washer:

  1. Miele
  2. Bosch
  3. Ikea

Also garnered top marks: Thermador

A chart from Consumer Reports on the reliability of brands

  1. Get an experienced appliance repair technician and stick with him. Well trained personnel may cost a small fortune but it’s worth the investment. Just make sure to do your homework. According to one Mr. Grimshaw, it’s better to get one with “self-employed, overqualified, with a mild case of OCD, and consistent and unbelievably good reviews.” 
  1. Maintenance cleaning to cut back on repairs are highly recommended. For washing machines, the American Home Shield (AHS) suggests doing hot water washing with detergent without clothes at least twice yearly. Refrigerators require changing their filters every year while dish drains are to be regularly cleaned out. 


  1. Buy Spare parts anywhere. Again do your background check on your appliance. Spare parts used on them may be generic or non brand specific but may have distinctive measurements. 

Whenever possible, always contact the company or the authorized dealer for replacement. Many such customers have complained of their appliance not working after buying “universal” or imitation spare parts. 

  1. Not delaying repairs is a good advice but owing to the recent health developments worldwide, it may be taken with a grain of salt. 
  1. Consider not a repair but a total replacement for appliances that has been used for more than 5 years

Refrigerators are notorious for being the worst. As early as five years, more than 30% needed repairs. Good news though, online sales on home appliances is alive as ever.

Lastly, you can do cost cutting by using it properly as indicated in the product manual. This is the most obvious thing that most people choose to overlook. Another motivation to read the fine print: most warranties do not cover mishandling, abuse, or intentional tampering with the product. You have to know what those are in the first place. 

So, here we are: get a trusted unit, a skilled technician, and annual maintenance. Please avoid purchasing over-the-counter spares. Lastly, leave an allowance for buying a new one instead of making repairs.