Tips to find the Best Local Solar Company for Solar Panel Installation

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The traditional way of generating electricity through fossil fuels has several negative consequences including depleting resources, rising prices and air pollution due to the greenhouse gases emitted. Solar power is like the future and it is worth considering installing solar panels for your home.

Solar energy is a smart investment in the long-run because it cuts down on the electricity bills, increases the home value, safe for the environment and durable. If you are considering installing solar panels in your building, start looking for reputable local solar providers near your area.

Reasons to opt for local solar panel service providers:

  • Cheaper: When you opt for a large-scale company. You would be paying more than you would be paying a local service provider. Large-scale companies charge $0.33 per watt which equates to $2300 extra on total solar investment.
  • Good customer service: Local installers have fewer clients that make it possible for them to be more attentive to their client needs. They gain more clients mostly by word-of-mouth reviews and hence they are careful about providing their clients a good experience.
  • Quality work: Local installers employ full-time employees who work under the installation company which makes them more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the panels unlike large-scale providers who usually hire contractors to do the job.

Find solar panel service providers near you:

If you search for, ‘solar companies near me, you’ll be presented with a handful of options. Go through the different options and shortlist a reputable one. Narrow down a service provider using the following tips.


Ask your family, neighbors and friends who have first-hand experience with solar panels regarding which service provider is best in the area. You can also ask recommendations from local trusted professionals like renovation companies, electricians etc.


Go online and check out government websites that enlists all solar companies in your area and see if they have mentioned any recommendations. You can also find websites that compare solar companies in the area and provide information about their service and cost.

Tips to shortlist a local solar company:

  • Certification: Check if the company holds necessary certifications and licenses to conduct business.
  • Online reviews: Read through genuine online reviews and avoid making a decision that are overly positive/ negative. Refer a couple of review sites like Yelp and Google reviews and read about clients’ experience.
  • Cost: Request quotes from different companies. The quotes tend to vary depending on the additional features provided. Short-list one who offers a fair and affordable estimate.
  • Insurance: Looks for companies that offer insurance so that if things go wrong, the company has ample coverage for the damages.

Solar panels wouldn’t work for homes that aren’t facing direct sunlight in which case the panels can’t take maximum advantage of solar energy’s potential. Solar panels are reliable and affordable. If the placement of the panels would work to your benefit consider investing in them.