Tips To Save Costs When Using Air Compressors


When it comes to air compressors, the most expensive component is energy. Over the life of a typical compressor, energy costs much more than the purchase price of a compressor. Thus, maximizing energy efficiency is paramount to saving money.

The first step in reducing the energy costs of an air compressor is to measure and monitor your system’s energy consumption, flow rate and operating air pressure. Small adjustments can reduce this pressure and energy costs while improving flow rates and performance.

In this article, we offer you several tips that you can implement to optimize your air compressor and save money:

  1. Turn It Off

There are 168 hours in a week; most air compressors run at full capacity for 60 to 100 hours. Depending on your work schedule, turning off your air compressor at night and on weekends could cut your energy bill by 20%.

  1. Repair Existing Leaks

Just a quarter of air leak at 100 psi can cost you a huge sum of money in a year. A pipe system older than five years will leak up to 25%.

Since it takes some energy to generate compressed air, any leak represents a waste of money, and about 80% of air leaks are not noticeable. Hence, to minimize these problems, a Fluid-Aire Dynamics specialist could help you detect them.

  1. Reduce Pressure

Every two PSI reduction decreases energy consumption by 1%. Check system pressure and resist the urge to increase pressure to compensate for leaks or drops in pressure due to problems in pipes or clogged filters.

The central supply controller can significantly reduce the operating pressure band and distribute the air output much more efficiently.

  1. Check The Drains

The condensate drain on the timers should be adjusted periodically to ensure that they open as intended or do not get stuck when performing this action. Even better, replace the timer drain with a zero-loss drain to stop wasting compressed air.

  1. Change Filters Regularly

Inspect and replace filters routinely to ensure air quality and avoid pressure drops. Go beyond the air compressor room. There are several air lines and point of use filters within the facility. They are just as essential to maintain as air compressor filters.

  1. Emphasize Proper Maintenance

As with most industrial machinery, a compressor operates most efficiently when properly maintained.

The proper maintenance of a compressor reduces energy costs about 1% and helps prevent breakdowns which result in downtime and lost production. Protect your reputation and profits with adequate maintenance.