Top Tips To Hire The Right Sealcoating Contractor

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sealcoating franklin oh seems like an easy process, so hiring a contractor might not seem like a lot of work. But there are a lot of factors involved in a sealcoating job, and hence making the right contractor choice is of the essence.

These factors include cracks that need to be sealed, the number of coats, the material quality, etc. So, hiring reliable and skilled sealcoating in Franklin, OH, contractors is of the essence.

Moreover, one good thing about Franklin, Ohio, is that it usually experiences a dry climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from 24 – 87 degrees F.

So if you want to hire a sealcoating contractor, first glance through the following points.

Points to keep in mind while hiring the right sealcoating contractor

Here are some of the top tips for hiring the perfect sealcoating contractor in Franklin:

  • Time duration to get the job done 

The first thing you need to ask the contractor is the time it will take to get the job done. However, this further depends on the size, condition, and type of material used.

So, never trust a contractor who says the job will get done in no time.

If there are prominent cracks on your driveway, it will take some time to get the job done correctly.

Generally, it will take about half a day to seal coat a typical multi-car driveway. On top of that, it might also take a two-day split to get the preparations in order.

A good sealcoating contractor will take about a few hours to clean out the cracks and remove oil, fluid stains, etc.

  • What preparation does the contractor do before starting the sealcoating process?

Here is a checklist of things a sealcoating contractor must do before starting the job:

  • Blowing and sweeping the surface.
  • Pressure washing the driveway
  • It makes room for sufficient drying time
  • Cleaning out all cracks and removing dirt, weeds, sand, etc.
  • What material does the contractor use?

Another important thing to consider is the material that your contractor plans to use. To elaborate, there are three primary driveway sealers currently on the market. They are as follows:

  • Asphalt-based
  • Refined tar-based (coal tar based)
  • Petroleum-based

Tar-based sealcoating material isn’t used since it can negatively impact the environment. So, make a choice between petroleum and asphalt-based coats. A proper mix of water, sand, and asphalt is recommended.

  • Does the contractor offer a warranty for their work?

Make sure that the contractor you go with pays attention to customer satisfaction. They should listen in on all your concerns and offer solutions accordingly. Moreover, also make sure that they provide a warranty for their work.

This will make sure that they end up doing an excellent sealcoating job.

  • How many coats will the contractor apply?

Another important question to ask the contractor: “How many coats do you intend to apply?”. Make sure that they apply at least two coats a few weeks apart. This will fill out all the cracks and yield the best results.

Wrapping up

Leverage these tips to get the most efficient sealcoating job done. Then, follow the tips mentioned in the above article for the perfect sealcoating in Franklin, OH.

Remember, sealcoating is more than just a latex applied on the top of your driveway. It involves quite a few factors, so you need to make the right choice regarding the contractor.