Triple-Glazed Windows Facts


While most people know and have heard all about UPVC and double-glazing windows, very few know or have even heard about triple-glazing windows. In this article, we’ll be discussing triple-glazing and everything there is to know about it. With more people, from builders to homeowners, now switching to triple-glazed windows, the question on the minds of many is if these windows make sense? Read on to learn more.

What’s Triple-Glazing?

Triple-glazing is where two extra glass panes are added to a single pane before an inert gas (usually argon gas) is inserted in between the panes. The idea behind this is that the different layers of glass will prevent loss of heat, lowering your energy bill during winter. While double-glazing in Basingstoke and other places is enough to prevent heat loss, triple-glazed window fans insist that having more than two panes improves heat retention.

While opinions concerning this are divided, experts have weighed in and suggest that for triple-glazed windows to do their magic, manufacturers should consider using krypton as a filler gas instead of argon. Also, the window’s frames must be insulated. Without these two, seemingly minute, details, there is not much difference in how much you could save.

Triple-Glazing Guide and Costs

Triple-glazing has the potential to lower energy bills while making your place of business or home warmer, quieter, and safer. The average cost of installing triple-glazed windows in a 2-bedroom home is about £2,500. In UPVC frames, prices vary substantively depending on frame materials (Aluminium and UPVC options as standard.)

If you own a four-bedroom house with fifteen windows and want triple-glazed panes installed on all windows, the installation will cost you anywhere from £6,500 to £8,000 – depending on profiles and frames.

Why Should I Consider Using Triple-Glazed Windows?

Well, it depends on what you are looking to attain. However, if what you are looking for is an ultra-quiet and more energy-efficient home, then triple-glazed windows are the way to go. If you expect your windows will pay for themselves almost immediately, then you’re bound to be disappointed since their cost savings will accumulate over the years. However, if you’re just looking to replace your windows, then the cost of installing triple-glazing is comparable to that of having double-glazed units installed.

However, if you want to have your windows triple-glazed, there’s no reason why you should not. The important thing is that you have it done by an expert. Just go on Google and search ‘triple-glazed windows.’

What If I Already Have Double-Glazed Windows?

Is it possible to have them turned into triple-glazed ones? It is! There are companies in the market that do this. However, when seeking these services, make sure you check out at least three different service providers before choosing any. While we cannot tell how much it will cost, one thing we know is that it can be costly, but not as much as having new windows installed.

Triple-glazed windows remain to be a fancy prospect and are something you should consider as a homeowner looking to make their home quieter and more energy efficient.