Troubleshooting of Few Common Problems of Your Hot Tub

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If your hot tub gives surprises you with ice cold or your jet is not working at all, then it is time to call a professional hot tub repair San Diego service provider or the hot tub store aurora co you bought it from. Following are few common problems that can happen in the hot tub, which you too can trouble shoot.

  • No heating of hot tub

In case, you encounter this problem then first you must inspect the filter which may be either clogged or too dirty. Clean it and make sure that all the debris from the fan is cleaned.

You may run the tub without filter at least for 5 minutes till water becomes clean. Any big debris can easily go down the drain. 

  • Jets not working

In the same way as above, try to check your filter and make sure that it is clean. Another thing that you can check is the air lock. 

You may either undo your pump union slightly for releasing airlock until trickle of water will escape and then re-tighten it. 

Also, you can press your pumps switch to make it on and off for few times for purging the air lock. 

In case of few spas, like Chinese hot tubs, water diverters can be released by keeping the hot tub off.

  • Too hot

While pumps will run, you can always get heat due to water friction, so start by checking all the settings of hot tub. 

The cleaning cycle of hot tub may be set for 8 hours, two times a day and as a result, pump will overheat and will transfer heat to water. 

For older Chinese models, you can check the pre-heat setting. With this setting, you can heat the tub regardless of whatever temperature you set. 

Finally, you can check all the settings from manual.

  • Showing error codes

All these error messages will mean exactly about the problem. First go through the above steps and check your filters and the air locks. 

Next check whether there is sufficient water present in hot tub. In case water level is much below your filter housing, then this may cause low-flow problem. 

You need to freely pass water through internal plumbing for components like hot tub heaters and hot tub pumps to work correctly. 

  • Too cold

Often hot tub will heat but only up to certain point. If you have already gone through all the above steps then now check the mode of your spa.

In case your hot tub has been set to economy/sleep mode then spa will turn itself off during the day for certain periods, despite whatever temperature you may set. 

Now check the manual and change the mode. 

  • Tub pump is too noisy

If the pump of hot tub is growling then perhaps your pump is struggling with the water and hence you need to clear the clog and debris.

If you notice loud metallic whining then it can be because of bad bearing. Try to lubricate and if the condition is too bad then you have to replace them.