Types of cable tray and its benefits

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The cable tray is used to organize the insulated cables in an interconnected environment. The cable tray used to classify the cables. The cables can be installed easily using the cable tray when compared to using the pipes. This cable tray offers maximum protection to the cables. The cable tray consists of single exit and entry points. The cable tray consists of deep solid passage for each set of cable called the cable channel. This will reduce the heating on the surface of the cables. The cable trays will save the cable from moisture and surrounding dust. The following certain types of cable trays.

Ladder-type of cable trays

The ladder-type of trays is used in a medium type of organization. These trays are placed in 12 to 30 feet of height. The cable trays have maximum ventilation to the flow of the air. This ventilation process makes the cable inside the tray operate efficiently under normal temperature. The side of the tray has anchors along the sides. These enable us to hang the extra vertically lying cables safely. The cable can enter into the tray on top and exit from the bottom. The ladder tray can hold the pvc cable for efficient power transmission.

Solid bottom cable trays

These solid bottom cable trays are used for minimal heat generating cables and communication cables. This tray is usually situated 5 to 12 feet. These trays are used to protect sensitive electric circuits and sensors. The moisture in these trays is controlled by drilling quarter-inch drain holes. There are no breaks and holes on the sides of the tray. There are only one entry and exit points. The air circulation around the communication cable will reduce performance. The electromagnetic and radio waves will travel faster in these solid surfaces. These solid bottom trays are easy to install. The categorization of cables is also easier in these trays. The low temperature 3 core flat cable can be easily installed in these trays.

Wire mesh cable tray

These cable trays are made with stainless steel wires. These trays are easily designed with minimum effort. These trays can handle the large volume of optic cable. The data center, call center, IT organizations are using the wire mesh type of trays. These trays are installed 4 to 8 feet in height. The trays are expandable according to the volume of cables. These trays are easily flexible according to the structure of the room.

Channel Cable tray

The channel cable tray is used in the petrol and chemical industries. These trays are fully enclosed with aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The fiberglass is also used in making of these trays. These trays are easy to install and expandable to the volume of cables inserted. These trays are economically friendly.

Final Words

Each organization has a different cable interconnecting infrastructure. The trays are selected based on the infrastructure. These cable trays are also selected based on the structure of the building. The volume of cables also determines the type of trays that is to be used.