Useful tips to make your small bathroom to appear much bigger

Home Improvement

Renovating the bathroom is one of the important tasks that you should not miss when remodeling your home. Perhaps, your budget limitations might not allow you to carry out elaborate renovation of this special room. But with some savvy design tricks and tips, you can have a dream bathroom. It is sure to be praised by family members and friends alike. The Bathroom remodelling Sunshine Coast experts can realize your dream while being within your set budget.

Tips to increase size of your small bathroom

  • Layout: The fact is that bathroom space is becoming premium. Hence, you need to make the most of available space. A hardworking and well-planned layout is sure to be a wonderful strategy. An ultimate bathroom layout is one that will have sink installed near the door. The toilet will be next and the shower and/or the bath farther away from the entry point. On entering the bathroom, make sure that the toilet is not the first thing to view for aesthetic reasons. Leave minimum 50cm space between seat rim and wall or basin unit to accommodate the tallest knees. Moreover, the layout should also incorporate high ceilings within the small space, wherever deemed possible. Choose 2.7m height instead of the standard 2.4m ceiling height. This will increase existing space. The experienced Bathroom remodelling Sunshine Coast can be expected to do a decent job.
  • Windows & Doors: Rather than the standard door, use cavity slider. Windows can offer natural light as well as open up the bathroom space. If there is no room to include or install windows, then consider a skylight. More light introduced in the bathroom will make it more spacious. This way, the Bathroom remodelling Sunshine Coast professionals can make your small bathroom to appear bigger.
  • Fixtures & Fittings: These days, you can come across lots of space-saving fixtures and fittings in the online and physical market. Wall mounted caps, for example, can develop more room. Choose rectangular-shaped, neat sink bowl instead of the round shaped vanity bowl as the latter occupies more space. The space saving, compact toilet cistern can be plumbed within the wall to provide more room instead of the standard toilet. But you need to plan it properly since there may arise issues with the wall mounted/inbuilt cistern. It may need opening the wall cavity.

The knowledgeable Bathroom remodelling Sunshine Coast experts can provide you idea on colors to use, tiling options, design tips and much more.