Ways For Filling The Cracks On A Tennis Court


A tennis court tends to develop cracks after a point, regardless of what type of material it is constructed with. It is natural to spot some weary parts on the court which makes tennis court crack repair essential. There are times when a re-coating is enough and many times a complete reconstruction is required. This makes it important for you to understand what your tennis court really needs and an assessment of the region can help you identify the tennis court repair and maintenance needs.

How To Repair Tennis Court Cracks?

There are different types of methods that are helpful in tennis court repair and you should choose the one that most appropriately works for you and fit your needs.

  • Hard Courts: The majority of tennis courts are full of concrete pavements that are coated with acrylic coating. The asphalt used in the construction of these types of courts is extremely flexible in nature and with time it starts to wither or shrink which then makes it hard, resulting in possible cracks. This calls for tennis court repair which generally includes renewal with a membrane, stone screening or overlaying. In some cases a reconstruction may be required.
  • Resurfacing: This is often required when the facility becomes old and starts to wear and tear. Thus, the first step in resurfacing a tennis court is cleaning the court with the help of pressure washing technique. This takes off all the remaining particles from the surface and makes the remaining part visible. It is done when the cracking is less intense and the surface is not much uneven.
  • Mid Level Repair: Mid level repair is usually required when a tennis court is in a bad shape and there is a lot of withering involved. In this procedure, the court is covered with a stone screening which is then covered by asphalt. Then the recoating procedure is done. Basically, a new court is built over an old one.
  • Reconstruction: In case the situation is more serious and none of the above mentioned ways seem to work then it is best to reconstruct the entire site. This usually happens in case of deep cracks and where there is a huge need of the settlement. It is topped with an asphalt coating which provides the surface with a strong foundation.

There are different types of solutions available for the renovation of an old tennis court and which way to go is completely dependent on the severity of the cracks.