Ways to fight white ants at home

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White ants are one of the most dangerous insect types that cause many losses and destructive effects on furniture, buildings and facilities if rapid action is not taken to combat the spread of white ants.

There are many ways and means used to combat the proliferation of white ants in the home that produce effective results while maintaining their use.

Today, through our Maltna we will talk about ways to fight white ants at home. But before we learn about ways to combat white ants, we must learn about the nature of white ants and what the most important reasons for their spread and prevention have been.

Definition of white ants


White ants or the ground is a kind of insect, and it does not resemble other ants, as it differs in its formative form, as the chest and abdomen are not connected and have no waist and are considered a kind of insect species that live in a completely secret state. White ants live in colonies built under walls and under floors and are mainly food-dependant on plesellows in wood, paper, and textiles from furniture, carpets and muckite, so the spread of white ants causes countless losses. This is why we should take care to combat the spread of white ants immediately and quickly.

Damage to the spread of white ants


The white ants are mainly fed by the sililoise material, which is naturally present in many different forms, attacking houses built of bricks or cement and targeting bricks from the inside so that they can be undone in a way that causes the collapse of the house. White ants also dig colonies under walls and floors, causing many dangers to buildings and facilities if not addressed immediately and quickly.

White ants are spreading rapidly as the number of ants is significantly more proliferating to live in groups in vast numbers. They are fed by household furniture and home-made food, and food is also spread over the fabric of carpets, muckite, mats and paper, causing many losses to disturb individuals in the home.

White ants also attack wooden doors, windows and floors, especially parquet floors.

The spread of white ants is a lot of loss if it spreads within fields, farms and cabinets, feeding on its grains, grains, dates, maize and all kinds of crops that spread on the ground for drying under the sun or by exposing them to air.

The spread of white ants also poses a danger to many trees, as white ants attack different types of trees such as palm trees and fruit trees of different types, causing them to dry and strong and also greatly reducing their ability to produce crops.

Having identified the most significant damage caused by the spread of white ants, it was necessary to look for the most important ways and means to combat and eradicate the spread of white ants once and for all.

The most important way to combat the spread of white ants in the home

White ants are very common inside the house, living and settling inside the wooden doors and corners, living in wooden windows and in many wood house furniture, and white ants live under the floors by digging and building a colony under the walls and floors.

There are many ways and means used to fight the spread of white ants inside the house, including:-

  • Use of soap and water

You can get rid of white ants by using water and soap in an easy, simple and inexpensive way, as the idea of doing so depends on wiping the floors and surfaces inside the house with soap and water, or by placing water in an open container on a window where the white is most common.

  • Vinegar

The insects are very effective in eliminating the immediate and rapid spread of white ants insects, where the vinegar can be used after it has been diluted with a little water and then placed in a spraying package in places and sprayed in places where the white ants are most prevalent.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is widely used in many ways used to combat white ants at home. Alcohol has fast positive results that quickly expel white ants, with housewives suffering from the alarming spread of white ants resorting to alcohol as he is or dilution with a little water and directly spraying it in places where white ants are most prevalent.

  • Spices

If you suffer from the spread of white ants in a way that causes many losses inside the house,  No worries can you use sharp spices as a powerful weapon to combat the spread of white ants , with immediate results that eliminate the spread of white ants by placing them directly in the most widely spread of white ants and the most popular spices that produce positive results in the fight against chili white ants The cinnamon and the cloves used to expel and combat the white ants can be diluted with water and spraying in places where the white ants are spread.

Use of the BoeRex dough

You can prepare your puree dough by bringing your puree from your pharmacy or perfume shops and then mixing a spoon of it with a little milk, a spoon of white sugar and a little water and then mixing it together to create a cohesive dough that can be placed in the places where the white ants live.

  •  Anti-ants insecticides

There are many types of pesticides that are spread in markets and specially manufactured shops to combat the spread of white ants, which causes many damages and losses. Although the use of these pesticides is effective and effective in eliminating the rapid spread of white ants, some may be unusable because they can be harmful to humans because of their smells, especially in respiratory and Allergy-related diseases.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils play a prominent role in eliminating the spread of ants in the home, where they can mix a range of essential oils such as caffor oil, cinnamon oil, mint alnaa in a traps, mix them together and then take care of spraying in all places where ants are present. This may not be the first time, but it needs to be maintained and maintained once and for all to achieve the best positive results and ultimately eliminate ants.

  • Sesame oil

Sesame Oil is very effective in disrupting the sense of smell in ants, making the ants unable to determine where their food is, so experts recommend that you try Sesame Oil by putting a few of it into an exposed bowl in places near the presence of the ants, which will disrupt the movement of the ants and keep it away from the place altogether.


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