What are Frigoscandia Freezers?


Frigoscandia Freezers, being a member of the JBT family since 1996, has rocked and conquered the frozen food market with a variety of breakthrough products, including the self-stacking Gyro COMPACT spiral freezer, which is the most sold freezer variant across the globe.

The Frigoscandia Gyro COMPACT 40 Spiral Freezer has been come out as one of JBT’s best-selling products, with a solidly sold number of over 1,100 units throughout the world till now. This amazing product has replaced the outdated variants from this company with the FRIG o DRIVE system.
It has been developed by keeping in mind the key benefits, involving 30% faster belt speeds, more advanced hygiene features, lower running and maintenance costs, as well as, improved serviceability, and product guarantee. This freezer variant has come up with an increase in capacity of between 15% and 20% concerning its predecessor.

Going ahead with the benefits of Frigoscandia freezers, the new variants come up with more benefits. The first of such kind benefits is its unique FRIG o BELT Nova self-stacking belt that is bound to make a closed freezing zone with no risk of moving products by horizontal airflow. Therefore, resulting in proper, equal, and efficient cooling of all products placed on its belt.
Another benefit is the FRIG o DRIVE system which makes it certain to get rid of the need for a center drum with no supports or rails to cause jamming. This freezing variant has no rivaled energy efficiency and low consumption of freezer power.

Moreover, it is topped up with an improved belt with a stronger side-link design, preserving 35% to 40% higher capacity than any similar competitor model, coming up with a net belt width of 375 mm that is higher than any variant of its rival.

Different variants and models

With different variants and models of Frigoscandia freezers, the freezers from JBT technologies come up with three different levels of CIP systems matching different production needs, LVS refrigeration system for optimal energy efficiency of the refrigeration system, Air Defrost system, for increased uptime between defrost in an efficient way, as well as available in three different maximum product height configurations, involving 50, 65, and 85 mm, according to your needs.

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