What are Shingles and its different types?


In comparison to your entire house, it is the roof that is the first thing that falls in the eye of the public. Imagine you are walking through a lane, and suddenly your eye falls on a house. You begin to observe the roof, whether it contains asphalt shingles, wood shakes, metal slides, or rubber tiles? Now think whether what you see looks good or speaks volumes about the health of your house. Does it need repair or cleaning? Well, a lot can be done on this with shingles and tar paper. It will not only help in regular cleaning but also ensure the health of your roof is maintained throughout.

At this time, going for roof repair and restoration is a wise thing to do. However, getting the help of a professional roofing service can solve a lot of your issues and trouble. Hiring an expert will assist in conducting roof renovations that can better the condition of their house.

Figuring the perfect shingles for your roof

Being exposed to storms for an extended period leads to damaging of shingles. This can cause few of the shingles going missing, coming out, and thereby distorting the entire appearance of the roof. Getting them replaced or reinstalled in time will not only save your time but also prevent you from spending an extra amount of money in its repair at a later period.

You can begin by first inspecting the shingles that are damaged and removed it. Look if the shingles and tar paper are proper or if there are any holes in it or the plywood underneath. You can begin by filling cement in between the gaps and as it dries install new ones.

Different types of shingles

  • Laminated Shingles: Popular for its color and depth adds to the appearance of the roof. In comparison to 3-tab shingles, these add a 3D effect to the roof.
  • Asphalt Shingles: Most commonly used shingles; these are made of an organic or inorganic base. They are most sought for its durability and strength that span for 20-30 years.
  • Slate Roof: Mined through sedimentary rocks, they offer long-lasting service. Even though expensive, they are known to last for over a longer period.

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