What are the Classes of Water Damage?


The IICRC is an accreditation offered by the ANSI or American National Standard Institute. This administering federal government body sets the criterion that attends to the water damage repair process for both the best methods in removal and safety.

Water damages have been classified into three classes that result from a wide range of water damage reasons. These might be from a rupture of drain waste, a busted potable water line, as well as airflow pipe,  bring grey water, a backup of a sewage line sending naturally polluted black water with a structure or an all-natural calamity where briny drainage or saltwater floods the building. The categories depend on the level of contamination of the water in charge of the damages.

The three water damage classifications are:

  • Classification 1 Water Damages: This is where the water originates from a mobile or sanitary source and is needed for human usage. This water does not position a threat to ingestion, facial, or inhalation exposure. Resources usually consist of broken supply lines, overrunning containers, automatic sprinklers, without any impurities or all-natural resources like rain or meltwater. This is called “fresh” water.
  • Classification 2 Water Damages: This is where the water includes substantial contamination, as well as potentially can create health issues or discomfort if human beings eat or come in contact with it. This type of water contains harmful degrees of bacteria and/or chemical or biological issues, such as diluted urine, infiltration from hydrostatic pressure, detergents, or fractured storage tanks. This is called “gray” water.
  • Classification 3 Water Damages: This is where the water is “blatantly infected” and consists of hazardous toxigenic and pathogenic representatives. Raw sewer is by far one of the most typical culprits of “black” water and can be dangerous to people, as well as devastating to home if sewer damage reconstruction is not remediated. Resources of black water consist of hygienic drain back-ups, brackish water from rivers, as well as streams, swamping seawater, as well as all types of ingress from all-natural occasions where pollutants like chemicals and hefty metals are carried right into a building.

If any water damage occurs in any of your property, call a reputed water damage company. They will not only restore your property fast, but they will also help you to get your insurance.