What are the latest doors you can opt to?


The home preserves what we have most precious, our intimacy and the things to which we are most connected and that accompany our life. Doors serve to protect the intimacy of the environments in which we live, but also to make them communicate with each other, in a continuous exchange. For these reasons, interior doors deserve all our attention and in this article of Ideas we have collected several examples that can help us make the house more beautiful and welcoming. Let’s see them together.

In wood, between clear geometries and shades

A modern wooden interior door, which has surfaces divided into rectangular geometries, with clean lines. The light wood promotes brightness and a pleasant balance between the variety of shades and clear geometries. Double wooden doors with glazed surfaces can be the best solution to obtain an open and fluid connection and fit into large walls.

Like in a frame

A glass door with an unusual design will definitely take your breath away. In the foreground, we find the frame structure, to set a glass and transparent door. As in a frame, this door identifies a perspective escape that projects the space into the adjacent one, creating a fluid connection between different environments.

Combination of different colors

It is a project that manages to integrate different colors into a single structure with a harmonious and elegant design, in which the dark wood of the frame is accompanied by white panels to define the central body of the door.

Shades and glass

The combination of different materials allows you to enrich the walls of the house with unique textures and shades. In fact, in an exposed stone wall, even the walnut door has horizontal lines thanks to the nuances that characterize the surfaces, animated in the center by a glass insert.

Modern and smooth

The sliding doors represent an optimal solution, in particular when it is necessary to connect small environments. In fact, they allow to save floor space and to create a fluid and functional connection between different environments.

The folding door

A folding door allows an open connection between different environments. The glass panels are organized in a geometric grid which articulates the perspective in a series of different joints.

A work of art

Glass doors decorated with relief motifs, which make these interior doors real works of art, capable of decorating the space. The reflecting glass surfaces multiply the space and the perspective joints, favor the brightness and help to define the personality of the environment.


A fun and functional door at the same time, which combines in a single structure a transparent glass surface with a blackboard surface, on which it is possible to leave messages and draw to personalize it in a fun way.

A vintage door

A vintage door with a structure of wood and opaque glass, decorated with geometric motifs that enrich the transparencies. It is perfect for connecting environments such as the bathroom, in a sober and functional way.

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