What are the pros and cons of finishing a basement as a kid’s room?


Amid the dozens of ideas for finishing a basement, there is one that has become among the more popular ones: converting the basement into a kid’s room. This is something that many people have seen popping up recently, but why are they becoming so popular? This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of finishing a basement as a kid’s room.

The only major disadvantage of having a kid’s room in the basement is that they might just end up spending more time there than outside! Aside from that, there really aren’t any major disadvantages. The advantages, however, are numerous. The major pro is that parents will finally have a living room for entertaining as opposed to a living area full of games and toys that they would be more than a little embarrassed to entertain in. With a separate kid’s room, they aren’t occupying the living room, which can be kept neat and tidy for when friends and family stop in to visit.

When company does come over with their own children in tow, they can join the rest of the kids in the basement and have a good time while the parentssit down and have a relaxing conversation, without all the intrusion of video games and fights.

The other major advantage to having a kid’s room in the basement is that they are out of the living room, giving their parents a bit of a break from having them around all the time. It gives them that opportunity to put their feet up and enjoy a quiet evening while the kids play in the basement.

Another pro is that the kids will have a place to go when their friends come over to visit, as well. The usual option would be to have them playing in their bedroom or having them underfoot. Having a kid’s room allows both them and their friends to have somewhere to go and have fun.

This option is also one that eliminates the mess in other parts of the house, because the kids will want to be in their entertainment room rather than running amok across the rest of the house. Being in the basement kid’s room will also mean that there isn’t any noise in the rest of the house, allowing the rest of the family a quieter evening.

One of the best parts of having a kid’s room is that they are more versatile than one might think. On evenings when the whole family wants to get together, they can pop up some popcorn, put a movie on the big screen T.V., and have a great evening of entertainment together. 

Overall, the advantages of converting a basement into a kid’s room are many and help a family not just to function better but also helps them to get along with each other a little better. It’s for those reasons that they’re popping up in people’s basements everywhere!