What are the things to be taken care of Clean granite countertops?


Many different types of stones are being used to make the look of a place more attractive and elegant. Granite is one of the stones which is being used for different purposes in a home. It is widely used due to many of its properties. It is more porous than the stones like marble, so there is a lesser chance that it will soak the substance fall on it like oil, stains, and many others. It also has more resistance to bacteria. This makes it be more in demand for use in a kitchen as countertops. But, it is extremely important to Clean granite countertops to maintain its glossy and shiny look.

Many things which need to be considered for maintaining the granite countertops –

  • Removing stains – As it is being used as countertops in the kitchen, there are more chances that it can get stains on it. So, to Clean granite countertops, a paste of baking soda with water should be made. Then gently with the soft cloth, it should be scrub on the spot. After scrubbing it, it should be washed thoroughly with water. If the stains are tough, then it might take many times to get it completely wiped off from the countertop. Instead of scrubbing on the tough stains, a paste of this mixture could be applied to it and then tapped on it. After a few days, it could be taken off. Then using a soft cotton cloth, it should be wiped off after removing the paste. After cleaning, it should be rinsed with warm water.
  • Whether sealant is applied – Though the granite is less porous than other stones, if the granite is unsealed or not sealed properly, then it will also soak the oil, stains, etc. So, it should be properly checked whether the granite is sealed or not for checking to spill the water on the surface of the spilled over water beads up; then, the granite is secured with the seal. In case it does not seal up, then the water will get absorbed in the granite after some time. So, it will have the tendency to soak oil or other lubricants, which will give stain or make the color darker of the granite. In a case where the granite countertops are not sealed, then it could be made sealed through the professionals.
  • Avoid using acid cleaners – To Clean granite countertops, the use of acid cleaners should be avoided, such as lemon, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, or any other. If there is the frequent use of these acid cleaners are made on this surface, then it might make the surface dull. It will also make the sealant to get weak, which will give it a tendency to absorb the oil and other stains. So, to avoid this, it is always better to look at the backside of the cleaning agent, whether it is safe for cleaning granite or not. If it is not mentioned there, then avoid using those cleaning agents. As the cleaner is harsher, there are more chances that it will destroy the sealant on the surface of the granite.

Many things need to be taken care of for cleaning the granite countertops so that it remains with its best of properties. If cleaning is done with care and regularly, then it will look best as if applied a day before.