What Does a Pool Service Offer?  




Having a pool is a great place to escape outside on hot days. Cool off, play, swim, a pool is perfect whatever age you are. But that pool comes at a cost as it does take maintenance to keep it clean, to keep the pH levels correct and to keep it safe to swim in and use. You need to add chemicals, clean out filters, clean the pool tiles, and skim leaves among other things on a regular basis. You might have time to do this and the energy, and the money to invest in all the things you need. Or you might choose to use a pool service in Haddonfield so that the experts can handle it, do a better job, and give you more time to enjoy it. Before you hire someone here is a look at the kind of services you can find.

Common jobs a pool service might offer

Most swimming pool companies offer similar services but it is worth comparing the few you narrow your choice down to. Most work on a weekly timetable. Duties include;

  • Scrubbing pool walls and steps
  • Skimming the surface
  • Balancing the chemicals in the pool
  • Maintaining parts and equipment like the filtration system, or pump
  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool

Jobs that a pool service in Voorhees might do that happen less frequently include;

  • Opening and closing the pool
  • Shocking the pool
  • Chlorine treatment
  • Cleaning and re-installing the filter and pump
  • Putting in and taking out additions like ladders and diving boards
  • Covering the pool

What affects the costs of a pool service?

The costs of hiring a pool company vary and depend on a number of things. Here is a look at what might affect the price you are quoted;

  1. The size of your pool – it impacts how much water it contains and how chemicals it then needs as well as how long it then takes to clean. The larger the pool, the more resources it needs to brush, clean and maintain. It might even require two people rather than one.
  2. Your pool’s location – if you have placed your pool close to or under trees thinking it is good for shade, then you now have the problem of those trees shedding leaves, twigs and such into your pool, making it a lot harder to clean, and putting more pressure on your filter system too. The more cleaning it requires the more a pool service in Haddonfield will charge to do so.
  3. Where do you live exactly? – Different regions and towns have different charges and costs. Things like fuel to get to you are added into their consideration.
  4. How much extra pool equipment is there to deal with? – If you have diving boards, ladders, heaters, lights and so on, then this adds to the things that need maintenance and repairs, and that adds to the cost too.

Before you hire someone consider these points

Choosing the wrong pool company can end up costing you money so it is worth thinking it through before you rush into a decision. Your pool service in Voorhees should have experience, offer a competitive quote, be knowledgeable and have good reviews from other clients. You can easily check online nowadays to learn more about how professional and honest a company is.