What is a garage door?


A garage is basically the storage space of vehicles that is built within the vicinity of a house compound. The door obviously is a large one that can be either manual or electric. Single panel garage doors works like a shutter that can be opened from the ceiling. The much larger doors or sectional panels can be rolled across on tracks. There are various operating devices for garage doors such as spring mechanism where there is not much need of manual effort while other doors can be swung horizontally. The material used in building these hardy doors are usually made of wood, fibreglass and steel. 

The history behind garage doors

Back in 450 BC, during the Monarchy system of rule in Europe, chariots were stored in a space known as gatehouses. They were later introduced in America during the 20th century. The pioneers included Cornell Iron works. 

Garage doors can be made with a lot of different materials but the most common one is redwood for its strength. For more resilience, a material like Medex which is another form of wood is said to be more durable than even steel.

Due to the strong material invested in making garage doors, they end up lasting for life. For better maintenance, it can be painted to protect the outer layer. Medex or steel are some of the best choices for doors. Wood gives it a regal and earthy finish but they are prone to deterioration due to change in weather conditions. A door must be factory primed and have atleast two coats of paint on them in order for them to last in perpetuity.  

In a factory, great care is taken to ensure that every layer or surface is well primed before assembling. This must be followed up with paint to enable longevity. 

Occasional restoration is part of garage door maintenance in the case of certain materials. 

Do you require a permit to install a garage door?”

The answer is yes. The permit can cost anything between 31 or 32$. 

Make sure to contact a good manufacturer with Premium Garage Doors and all the obligatory resources before making a purchase. Also, do not blindly go by trends. What looks good in another person’s house may not necessarily suit yours. The type and colour can vary according to the style, build and theme of different houses. Look up a catalogue in architectural digest.