What is Laminate and Veneer Wood Furniture? 


When we go furniture buying, we are captured off-guard with concerns about the kind of product we are trying to find. Is strong wood far better than laminate? Is laminate superior to veneer? What are their differences?

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Veneer, laminate, as well as solid timber, come with some advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, there are plenty of false impressions concerning the differences between the three.

Pros of laminate furniture

  • Cost-effective: It sets you back practically a quarter of solid timber and veneer furnishings If you are tight on a spending plan, laminate is the best option.
  • Easy cleaning: The glossy finish externally makes it easy to clean. You can clean it out with a damp towel or utilize some soap water without bothering with damage.
  • Resilient: Laminate is strong, as well as resilient, and has a long life span.
  • Variety: Unlike solid wood that is more or less of the same color, as well as appearance, laminate can be found in a variety of colors and appearance.
  • Maintenance complimentary: No requirement to redecorate, polish, or color it regularly.

Cons of laminate furniture

  • Fairly reduced high quality: Although laminated wood is long-lasting, it is reduced in quality contrasted to solid timber as well as veneer. It can birth scratches yet is not shock-absorbent.
  • Lack of all-natural feel: There is a synthetic sensation connected to laminate, as well as it does not have the all-natural feeling and variant of synthetic wood.
  • Non-recyclable: Since the surface of the laminate is glossy, you can’t discolor it. You could be able to repaint it with more effort but the absence of finishing limitations the choices in situation you intend to recycle the furniture. It at some point begins to show indicators of wear.
  • Much shorter life expectancy: The top layer of the laminate is breakable, as well as is vulnerable to wear and tear. Consequently, these frequently have a shorter lifespan than strong timber furniture.


A veneer is a middleman between the laminate as well as strong wood. Its construction resembles that of laminate with the main distinction being that the outer layer of veneer is made from actual strong timber. The within the veneer is made of artificial material such as lower quality timber base, MDF, level paper, or particleboard. Hence it looks the same as solid wood although being lightweight. Many veneer layers are less than 1/8 inch thick. In contrast to laminate, a veneer is softer, thus with a little reduced durability.