What is stucco and how’s it used?

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Stucco is a masonry material that comprises cement for its plastering. This material is then applied to the ceilings, walls of the building. A stucco is produced by mixing sand, lime, and cement along with hardening into a durable material for its longevity, and minimal maintenance. Similar to plaster, stucco can be used to develop numerous types of finishing.

Generally, a stucco contractor uses a galvanized wire known as lath that makes the mixture hard for supporting the building structure. For better results, it is better to apply three coats of stucco into the buildings.

What is a Stucco?

When you use the word stucco, it necessarily defines a specific kind of architectural style. It also defines the elements that are used for mixing and creating a stucco. However, if you want to create a conventional stucco, you need to mix lime and water that enhances its strengthening. You can even add pigments to the stucco for providing different color options to stucco. You can even consult a stucco contractor in your locality for details and viability about your building or structure.

You can get synthetic stucco that is available in the market easily. Over the years, this synthetic stucco is gaining popularity in the construction industry at a rapid pace.

Types of Stucco Application

Applying for stucco depends upon the structure of the house. For example, if you have a conventional wood-frame wall, your building would require more coats of stucco. Layered application of stucco allows the stucco to set along with increasing the thickness of the siding.

Conventional Stucco –

This involves three stages of the coating process starting from the exterior wood frame. The first layer would form the scratch coat that is applied over the house’s exterior sheathing. Then you need to apply the second layer that is the brown coat for adherence purposes. The third layer is the finish coat that is used for creating a customized texture.

Two Coat Stucco –

This coating is used on the block, concrete, and brick walls. Rather than using a metal lath onto the stucco, an adhesive is applied to the walls for better strength and protection.

One Coat Stucco –

This is used by mixing the fiberglass with the metal lath. However, this type of coatings is not popular with every stucco contractor. Hence, it becomes difficult for you to find one such person who can finish this type of coating for your building.