What is the importance of home restoration

Home Improvement

Perhaps one of the most important research and studies that occupy the mind of many permanently

And nowadays it is the restoration of old buildings and old houses,

So that everyone desires only in a good house, without any impurity, according to the different requests of one person to another.

When does your home need repairs:

Your home needs repairs when you want to renew or upgrade the look of the house, because restoration is not just about fixing something, it can be to renew the spirit of the home.

Before anything, we have to distinguish between your home’s need for repair and its other need for repair. Before starting the restoration work, we take a closer and comprehensive look at the building, and we also determine in the case of your desire for repairs, how deep the existing cracks and their shapes are, which determines the severity of the facility and its need for repair. .

Knots and bridges:

In this case, this is done by increasing the thickness of the concrete that makes up the bridge from the top or from the bottom, and with a greater and higher goal which is to increase the depth of the concrete section, also to increase the ability to withstand heavy and heavy loads, and it can be, for example in the future Add an iron grid, so it is valid and eligible to bear this.


When the columns are worn out or peeling, then the columns must be covered by a heavy reinforced concrete layer, not less than 10 cm in thickness, after the process of roughing the concrete surface, with the development of new kanats suitable for the expected new moments that are present with the aim of accommodating the result of increased loads.

Also, there is another work to protect the columns or restore them by covering the concrete pillars with a metal layer surrounded by them from all directions, while ensuring that the old concrete metal jacket is tied until it sticks to it and fuses, then we rough the concrete surface and inject the concrete rub between them.


To protect the foundations from multiple factors that lead to their destruction, we must increase the loading area on the ground, so that it is fit for heavy endurance, and this is done by making a block of reinforced or ordinary concrete under the foundations of the home to supply it with strength.

Connecting the separate foundations from each other with wide connecting bridges that take the shape of the kidneys, to form a strong, coherent and continuous foundation, placing a high protection layer of known protection materials to avoid iron rust, the base area of the base can be increased by deep drilling underneath, which is an inexpensive method on all roads The previous and less dangerous also, and this is done by roughing the surface between them.

What are the reasons for home restoration?

There is no doubt that old homes need more repairs than new homes, especially those that have passed over a long period of time, and the home owner has not refurbished, repainted, or changed any parts thereof. Among the most prominent reasons for home restoration are:

  • When the old walls are cracked.
  • Protect buildings from collapse.
  • Treating the cracks of the exterior wall paints and repainting them again with modern and renewed colors.
  • Sometimes the increased loads on the buildings cause it to crack, and perhaps the matter has reached the beginning of the collapse, and this requires the customer to renew it and restore it again so that it is fit for living in it for the longest possible period. Some owners increase the number of roles from what is allowed and thus is displayed The entire house for future collapse.
  • Sometimes, various weather factors, such as heavy rain and high temperatures, may cause the walls to crack and crack, which requires restoration.
  • Choosing cheap building materials is one of the major mistakes that a homeowner makes and that you should pay attention to, as it is not in his favor or the home’s.
  • Water leaks inside the house that appear clearly on the walls and floors, especially mold and green stains that appear on the walls, warn of the need to repair and restore the house again.
  • In the event of the collapse of small parts of the house, you should pay attention to its restoration and repair of defects.

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