What The Right Auckland Roofer Looks Like 


A time will come when you’ll need a roofer in Auckland. However, do you know whom to call? There are many roofing companies in Auckland to choose from, but you can’t go with just any one of them. Here are a few tips on how to find an Auckland roofers that will provide the best solution to your roofing problems.

They Have Experience

One of the most important qualities your roofer should have is experience because it shows that they’re reputable and established. Because the lifespan of a roof is up to thirty years, you should trust that the roofs these contractors have built will last. Besides, if anything should happen in the future, you’ll want to use the same contractor every time you need maintenance or repairs.

They’re Insured

Liability insurance is a layer of protection that keeps you safe if you hire a contractor who damages your property. Although it isn’t pleasant, accidents can happen. If some of your property is damaged, or a labourer is injured, with liability insurance the damages are paid for. Your roofer of choice should be able to provide a certificate that proves that they have insurance. Needless to say, if they can’t give you proof, don’t hire them!

They Provide A Written Contract

Another piece of paper that you can’t go without is a written contract. The contract should stipulate every requirement for the job and how your contractor promises to meet those requirements. Once again, this contract keeps you covered in case your contractor goes against your agreement. For example, if you both agree on a timeframe in which the work needs to be completed by, you’ll expect them to keep to that agreement. If your contractor changes his mind and extends the timeframe, you’ll have an unfinished roof for longer than you’d like. But without a contract, your interests aren’t protected.

They Settle On A Price

The price estimation should be included in your contract. Not everyone has unlimited finances to spend on a roof, so you’ll have to set a budget. Your contractor should be able to give you a quotation on how much the job will cost so that you can see if you can comfortably afford it or not. Although mistakes happen, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to pay out more than expected. Make sure that the roofer you choose sets a quotation and sticks to it, or you’ll be conned out of more money.

They Don’t Ask For A Deposit

Although it’s common for tradesmen to ask for a deposit, it isn’t always a good thing. Deposits are requested to protect the roofer so that they don’t use the business’s funding to pay for roofing materials for a job that might fall through. It makes sense, but if the customer can’t afford to pay their bill, there should be a signed contract to fall back on. Besides, an established roofer should be financially stable enough not to require a deposit. However, because asking for deposits is common, it doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable or established. Just be wary if they need more than a third of the deposit before the work begins.

They Don’t Use Subcontractors

You might think that a roofing company using subcontractors to get the job done is a good sign because it shows that they’re successful and in demand. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a busy roofer; however, subcontractors can’t always be trusted to do high-quality work. Because they’re paid per job, they might rush it, resulting in shoddy workmanship. If you find a roofing contractor that uses subcontractors, ask for references or reviews of their previous work. Their reviews will be a good indication of whether their subcontractors can be trusted to work on your roof or not.

They Have References

Because doing any work on your roof is expensive, you want to make sure that the person you hire to do the task is professional, reputable and trustworthy. When looking for a roofer, the first thing that will tell you they’re the right contractor for you is if they can provide references. With their references, you’ll be able to tell if they’re trustworthy and if their work is good quality, or not.

If you’ve never had to hire an Auckland roofer before, it’s understandable not knowing how to find the best person for the job. However, choosing the wrong person can be a disaster for your home and your pocket. Use these tips to find the best roofer in Auckland so that you get a sturdy roof in good repair instead of buyers’ remorse.