What To Consider When Looking For A Studio Apartment In Singapore?

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There are tons of studio apartment rental units in Singapore. Some are condominium units, while others are landed houses. Because of the plethora of options, it is difficult to find the one that will give you comfort, convenience, security, and financial stability.

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a studio apartment rental:


The location of your studio apartment rental in Singapore affects your security, convenience, and rental costs.

  • Security – The first thing tenants need to check is the safety and security of the building and the neighbourhood. Does the apartment complex have CCTV cameras? Who has access to the gates? Do they have sprinklers and fire exits?

Then, check the safety of the neighbourhood. How high is the crime rate in the area where your apartment is? Are the streets properly illuminated? Are there police or security posts near the vicinity?

  • Convenience – The second thing to consider is the convenience of the location. Is it near transportation points, such as bus stops and train stations? Are there grocery stores in the area? What is the distance between the closest hospital, police station, and fire station?
  • Rental costs – The location affects the rental costs. For example, a studio apartment for rent near the CBD is more expensive than one in a residential area. Always check the average rental rates in your chosen neighbourhood to determine whether you can afford to rent there.


Utilities refer to electricity, water, and gas. Some apartments cover these basic utilities with the monthly rent. Most of the time, landlords separate these bills from the rent. It all depends on the setting of the apartment and the contract.


Many large apartment complexes and condominiums have communal amenities. Among them are a pool, gym, laundry room, and parking space. Many tenants look for a studio apartment in Singapore with these amenities, so they don’t have to subscribe to a gym outside the apartment complex or buy a washing machine.

But remember, an apartment complex with several amenities tends to be more expensive than the others. Nonetheless, they are more beneficial and convenient.


Many landlords implement policies on their studio apartment rental units. For example, only three people can live in the studio apartment. Tenants cannot have pets. Visitors should not stay over. Tenants cannot alter the design, install wall studs for furniture, or paint the walls unless permitted to by the landlord.

Tenants find the apartment unit that best suits their lifestyles by considering these crucial factors.

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