What to Consider When Shopping For Candle Holders and Lanterns

Home Improvement

While candles, in the past, were used as a source of light, they are now more of a decoration. With well-placed candles, you can create a particular ambiance to a room or an outdoor space. You’ve seen that romantic dinner set up in your favorite movies, or you have also tried it, and can attest to the effectiveness of that magical feeling, the warm and inviting atmosphere that candles bring to life. While a lit candle offers such an atmosphere, it gets better if you use candle holders and lanterns. Candle-holders and lanterns double as accessorizing tools and a safety measure. You can safely keep the candles safe, especially while lit, and with creative designs, amplify the looks of an indoor or outdoor space.

Owing to their versatility, candle lanterns and holders are a popular go-to for decorating any space. Capable of decorating a space, and providing additional light for brightening an area, especially for a special event, they are incredible accessories capable of elevating an area’s atmosphere. While shopping for candle holders and lanterns, nonetheless, you need to consider a few factors to ensure that you settle for the best pieces.


Are you looking for a centerpiece, candlestick, pillar, tapered, or hurricane candle holder and lantern? The type you choose significantly depends on your target area and use. For instance, a centerpiece works well as the focal point on a table, compared to scones that work well on doorways or walls. Moreover, with scones, you can securely put the candles out of reach from your kids and pets while achieving a stylish look. Therefore, before hitting the market, understanding how various candle holders and lanterns fit your space and needs is crucial.


The last thing you want is a candle holder or lantern that sticks out like a sore thumb. From traditional, modern, country rustic, among other designs, shopping with your home’s style in mind is essential. With an extensive pool to choose from, hitting the market blind could see you purchasing a peace that doesn’t seamlessly blend with your home’s style. Consider your décor, walls, and other features of the target area, and go for a style that complements the overall layout.

Target area

Do you intend to accessorize your living room, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, or outdoor space? For instance, the perfect candle holder and lantern for the outdoors might not be the best if you are going for a tabletop or the walls. With your target area in mind, you can pick an option that amplifies the space, even when candles aren’t lit. This includes considerations such as the material, finish, and size, as they play a vital role in determining how in or out of place the candle holders and lanterns look.

Accessorizing your room can be quite demanding. With candle holders and lanterns, however, you can easily transform any room, including the outdoors. With your exquisite taste, you can easily find an option that delivers the desired ambiance without compromising the area’s aesthetic appeal.