What to look for in a conservatory

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With a wide range of conservatory options available it can be difficult to choose what parameters to include in your build. We’ve put together this helpful article to assist you with planning your conservatory.

  1.     How big should it be?

When choosing what size your new conservatory will be you need to ensure that it’s going to be big enough to enjoy. A good idea is to mark out the dimensions in a living space such as your living room, you can, therefore, see how much furniture you could fit in the space and how much space you’ll have.

  1.     What kind of glazing should you use?

Glazing these days – double glazing is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, using low emissivity glass, it can cut heat loss even more. If the conservatory is facing the south or the west then it is advised to use modern solar control glass for the roof and side panels of the conservatory. Solar control options range from boldly tinted glass where the colour of the glass soaks up the heat from the sun over to those metallic coated glass products which are also available. Modern metallic coated products have the advantage of having a neutral appearance, they also do not obscure views and reflect a portion of the sun’s heat. This usually fits with aluminium windows North Wales.

  1.     What materials you can choose from?

A wide range of materials are available for your conservatory, not just for frames but, the roof, glazing and any masonry.  Think about the mood and texture you would like to include in your build. Some people enjoy the outdoorsy feel with tiled floors, patio style furniture and bare brick and stone for their house walls. Other people prefer an indoor feel, including some cosy carpets, and soft furnishings.

  1.     What material should the conservatory frame be made out of?

Aluminium is a very popular choice, which has the attribute of enhanced heat insulation, it’s available in a wide range of colours and finishes. PVC-U is another popular choice of frame material with long life expectancy and minimal maintenance. It’s available as a wood look finish which has the earthy look of wood with all of the tough durability of PVC-U. For those who insist on genuine timber, wood is also an option.

  1. How much direct sunlight will your prospective conservatory receive and at what time of day?

This will have a bearing on the choice of building location that you get as well as interior design decisions. The orientation of the conservatory might mean that specifications of glazing are more appropriate than others simply for the impact of the solar heat that could be gained from the sunshine.

  1.     What kind of roof should it have? 

There are two main choices of roofing, glass or polycarbonate.  Glass provides a clear view through the roof; it can also be supplied with solar control and self-cleaning coatings. Laminated glass and safety filmed glass can add protection between you and falling debris like tree branches or hailstones. Polycarbonate roofing creates a softer light effect – although it is a bit louder when the rain or hail hits it.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, good luck on your conservatory adventure.