Why Choose UPVC For Replacement Doors and Windows?

Home Improvement

When it comes to buying replacement doors and windows for your property, there are so many styles and colours available. You need to choose both a window and door material. UPVC makes for a great choice.

When UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) was first introduced in the 1980s, it overtook aluminium as the UK householder’s preferred choice for window and door material and it still manages to attract a generous share of the market.

Nearly all door and window suppliers provide UPVC as an option due to the various qualities it continues to provide to the modern-day homeowner.


Contemporary life and it’s fast-paced nature gives us very little time to properly maintain our doors and windows. No-one wants to have to do it in any case.

The beauty of UPVC is that it can look after itself as it is completely weather-resistant. Your chosen finish won’t fade, nor will you have to restore the window frame. Your only task will be to wipe the frame every few months with a wet cloth to remove any dirt and grime. If you ever do have any concerns and need a UPVC window repair, just call a local specialist.

Energy efficiency

A living space can sometimes feel draughty and cold in the winter because the windows are incapable of keeping out the weather and have poor insulating qualities.

UPVC is renowned for being an effective insulator and will keep cold conditions outside where they belong. Most UPVC windows and doors are A+ energy rated as standard, so the thermal efficiency they provide is exceptionally high and will help to bring down the cost of energy bills.


If you knock on a UPVC door or window, you will find it to be very hard and robust. Forcing one open when it’s locked should be very difficult to achieve. However, burglars are more likely to try forcing their way in through patio doors, so ensure you get a good quality door with a quality lock fitted. Most local UPVC door repair companies can sort this out for you.

However, this will only be the case if it comes with a fully secure lock. A cheap euro lock barrel will deem the product worthless and can easily be picked by an accomplished thief. It needs a multipoint locking system which bolts the door into the frame and locks at multiple points.


Some people consider UPVC to be less aesthetically pleasing than other building materials such as aluminium, as it can look a little ‘plastic’ in comparison. But there are far more colour options for UPVC products today than ever before, which helps to greatly enhance their look.